‘Just admit it, Muhyiddin is doing well in Covid-19 battle’

Mujahidin Zulkiffli

جوست ادميت ات، محي الدين اس دويڠ ويل اين چوۏيد-19 بتتلي


Watching politicians criticise the Prime Minister’s address yesterday was like watching a football pundit criticise a manager. They highlight what’s wrong, what’s lacking but never exactly what or how they would do it better.

If they do, it would be so general, so on the surface that even you and me could simply say it out loud.

Yes, EPF withdrawals help only those who has the money in EPF to withdraw.

Yes, EPF contribution reduction to 4% only helps those who has EPF.

Yes, Bank Negara loan moratorium only help those who has loans, and businesses.

Yes, zakat only helps poor Muslims.

Yes, TNB discounts worth RM622 million to be borne by the government only helps businesses.

Yes, RM400 monthly allowance for medical frontliners only helps the frontliners.

Yes, the RM150 million via Welfare Department to 500,000 poorest of folks only helps the poorest.


Yes, the DBKL business lot free rental only help the businesses in DBKL premises.

Yes, the MARA loan moratoriums only help MARA borrowers.

Yes, the KEMAS fees only help 40,000 kids.

Yes, free rentals for PPR folks only help PPR residents.

Yes, Inland Revenue leeway only help those in the tourism and airline industry.

Yes, Bank Negara RM2 billion Special Relief Facility only helps SMEs.

Yes, Bank Negara’s RM1 billion Agrofood Facility only help food producers.

Yes, Bank Negara’s RM300 million Automation and Digitalisation Facility only help Automation and Digitalisation businesses.

Yes, the RM130 million allocated to states is meant to help hawkers, small businesses and families of COVID19 victims.

Yes, the RM500 million allocated to Health Ministry only help hospitals buy medical equipments, PPE and test-kits.

Yes, the RM100 million allocated to hire 2000 contract workers to help with COVID19 will only help give jobs to the 2000 people.

Wait… that’s quite a lot of help already considering people are staying at home and companies are still required to pay them salaries.

Those companies could then seek relief on one of the above.

Politicians talk about street hawkers, fishermen and farmers.. but they could still work as they are in the food production business. Can’t dine in at hawkers but can takeaways.

We still can find fish at the market, so it can’t have been Poseidon fishing for us, must have been the fishermen.

Farmers for food products could still work otherwise we won’t have food already, and we’d die. The fact that you’re reading this means we are still alive.

The poorest of the poor will be getting their RM150 million from Welfare Department earlier than promised, this month instead of next month.

Yes, if we look at each of these separately, only those being helped by each initiatives are getting the help intended.

But try looking at all of them holistically. You’d probably go holy-guacamoley, that’s a lot already!

Our country thrives because of businesses. The government must take care of businesses.

In doing so, they will take care of those employed by the businesses. That would be most of us.

At the same time, the poor are getting help too.

So who hasn’t been helped already?

Sure we need more help, and it’s on its way.

The PM said, no one will be left behind.

Even those who think the PM f**ked with people who likes people’s behind. (Not that I’m saying liking behind is wrong or anything)

In times like this, if politicians think they know better, why not just share those ideas?

Stop stating the obvious, and stop talking on the surface. Be specific about what you would do and how. No need to keep it for your own political mileage later because there might not be later.

Or just admit it… the PM is doing better than you expected. (Yeah even the opposition have reluctantly applauded some of the moves already, and that includes one Anwar Ibrahim just hours ago)

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