Kadir Jasin kantoi memanipulasi perbelanjaan ratu England


The Sovereign Grant Report 2016-17 (below) is the annual financial statement of the British Royal household that includes payrolls and costs associated with the general administration and the upkeep of the palace. A summary of the amount allotted to the Queen of England for the said purposes is as detailed below:

The net expenditure for the year 2017 alone works out to be RM224.06 million, close to the quarter billion A Kadir Jasin spoke about last Wednesday. Throw in an extra four months, and you’ll end up with something along the lines of what Jasin estimated to be the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s 16-month expenditure beginning the 16th of December 2016 (below).

But the Third Force has since proven Jasin’s spreadsheet to be a fake. On Wednesday, we furnished Malaysians with cut-and-dry proof that detailed the exact estimate of the Agong’s 2017-2018 expenses. The said estimate is as follows:

From the table, it cost just RM13.5 million to maintain the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as opposed to the RM224.06 million it cost the British government to maintain the Queen of England. Jasin merely spiked the Agong’s estimate by adding in categories that didn’t make sense. He was attempting to impress upon us that our rulers were still “very British” despite it being 61 years since we achieved independence.

And they told us there was no need for Anti Fake-News laws.