Kit Siang and Rafizi no shows sign that the opposition lacks confidence

Another no-show.

First, it was former Pandan Member of Parliament (MP) Rafizi Ramli, who, on the 4th of May 2018, stood his own crowd up in Melaka. Now, it’s Lim Kit Siang who took his audience for granted by not turning up at a rally in his own constituency, a constituency that’s more than likely the subject of interest for Barisan Nasional.

Back in 2008 and 2013, this was unheard of.

Heck, even the lesser of opposition candidates would attempt illegal rallies and stretch ceramah hours beyond midnight just to get their messages across. Today, even the bigwigs lack confidence and don’t see the need to turn up at ceramahs. In a span of just two days, we’ve had two of them, standing up crowds on the pretext of having other important matters to attend to.

Really, uncle Lim?

Are you saying that your private secretary could not schedule you appointments in ways that would allow you to keep to your schedules? Are you telling us that the other matter you had to attend to (see news item below) was a “last minute thing” that was so urgent, it couldn’t wait? If that’s the case, do you mind sharing with us what the urgency was?

Or are we to assume that you’re unworthy of the faith your constituents have placed in you? I mean, if you can’t even turn up after telling them that you’d meet them, how are they to believe the promises of ‘change’ you’re dishing out by the woks? Do you know what it feels like when you pay hundreds for a front-row seat at a Beyonce concert, only to discover once you’re there at the venue that she stood you up?

Wait a minute…

Maybe it’s that! Maybe, just maybe, you were expecting your crowd to purchase tickets. Perhaps that explains the reason you’re so prompt with DAP dinner dos as opposed to campaign ceramahs. Unlike those dinners, where you get audiences to purchase seats, your Taman Universiti crowd came equipped only with hope that you’d be there to tell them that everything would be all right.


No money, no talk eh, uncle Lim?

ISKANDAR PUTERI: DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang failed to show up at a rally in Taman Universiti here this morning, for what is believed would have been his first post-nomination day campaign appearance in the Iskandar Puteri constituency.

The incumbent Iskandar Puteri Member of Parliament was supposed to appear at a restaurant here with the opposition coalition’s Kota Iskandar and Skudai state seat candidates, Dzulkefly Ahmad and Tan Hong Ping, respectively.

The gathered crowd was left disappointed when the “main attraction” was a no-show.

According to one party worker who spoke to NSTP, Lim had given the rally a miss because he had another matter to attend to in another state, and had to catch an early flight.

Lim has been largely absent in Iskandar Puteri during this campaign period, with his last public appearance here being on May 28.

For the 14th general election, Lim will be defending his seat in a straight contest with Barisan Nasional’s candidate, Datuk Jason Teoh Sew Hock.

Source: NST Online



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