Kit Siang could very well be most hated person among 90% Malays

Jae Senn

Imagine, if you will, about how you would feel if you read such headlines:

“Trump disputes survey saying 90% of Mexicans are against the border wall”.

“Hitler disputes survey saying 99% of Jews are against his concentration camps”.

“Pigs dispute survey saying 100% of Muslims consider their meat as haram”.

“King Leopold II disputes survey saying 99% of Congolese are against his rule”

And here we have our local version of the above.

The one who is least qualified to comment about the issue at hand is telling us that he does not agree with a surveyed consensus.

Lim Kit Siang disputes survey finding. Source (pic): Jae Senn

Lim Kit Siang, the person who could very well be the most hated, untrustable, reviled and ridiculed person among at least 90% of Malays, is commenting about how surveys of Malay suspicion and opposition against him and his party are inaccurate.

This is yet another example of how someone who has totally lost the War of Perception this time around is grasping at straws with a nonsensical and futile defense.

The more he says stupid stuff like this, the higher the likelihood of a Malay vote swing against Pakatan in 4 years’ time. The sooner he leaves politics for good, the better it is for his reputation (if he has any left at this point).