Kit Siang has finally lost his tongue

For more than 20 years Kit Siang has been shouting, screaming, moaning, bitching, and grumbling, demanding that a RCI be set up to bring those criminals who were behind Bank Negara’s forex losses to justice. And now that is going to happen. Better justice delayed than justice denied. Kit Siang is getting his 20-year wish to see all those behind the Bank Negara forex scandal being sent to jail. But then that poses another problem for Kit Siang. Mahathir, Daim and Anwar are now with Pakatan Harapan. So, if these three get sent to jail, Pakatan Harapan is going to suffer. 


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The fasting month can be quite tiring for many people and it appears like Lim Kit Siang is also one of those people who slow down a bit during the fasting month. Age could also be a factor considering he has been DAP’s leader for more than 50 years while Umno has seen six leaders and PAS has seen five in that same period.

Undoubtedly 50 years of shouting, screaming, moaning, bitching, and grumbling does tire a person out. And did Kit Siang not himself say he has spoken and written ten million words during that period? If you sit non-stop for 12 hours a day to speak or write ten million words — and you stop 12 hours every day to eat, sleep and bathe, etc. — it will take a you a whole year to finish.

So ten million words are a lot of words. And Kit Siang boasted that this is the number off words he has spoken and written as DAP’s leader — during which time Umno saw six leaders while PAS saw five. But since the last 24 hours Kit Siang has lost his tongue and has been incapable of saying a single word.

Normally Kit Siang is very fast. Within just a couple of hours of any event he would already be out there with long postings of more than 2,000 words slashing away right, left and centre like a Mongol barbarian. Six hours is too long for Kit Siang. What more 24 hours?

Thus far we have not heard a word from Kit Siang regarding the setting up of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) that the Cabinet approved more than 24 hours ago to investigate the US$10 billion losses suffered by Bank Negara Malaysia gambling of the foreign exchange (forex) back in the late 1980s-early 1990s.


It was Kit Siang who in 1993 brought this matter to the attention of the world when he raised the matter in Parliament. Of course, at that time Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kept absolutely silent and never said a word while Anwar Ibrahim denied it and called the allegation lies and slander and opposition propaganda.

That is the only thing the opposition is good for, said Anwar, to lie and slander. The opposition is incapable to telling the truth and they politicise everything just to smear the country, the government, Umno, Barisan Nasional and the Prime Minister. The opposition will not recognise the truth even if it bit them in their rear.

Yes, Anwar was very angry. He was angry because in 1991 Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin made him the Finance Minister with the sole purpose of covering up the Bank Negara forex scandal. And now Anwar has to earn that job but he knows that US$10 billion is too big a stink to hide. But then he accepted the job of Finance Minister with the terms attached so now he has to deliver by lying through his teeth to Parliament — a very serious offence indeed.

The following year, in 1994, Kit Siang again raised the matter in Parliament and accused Anwar of lying. Kit Siang was furious and demanded Anwar’s resignation for lying to Parliament. Anwar did not deny he lied to Parliament the year before and explained that the loss was actually a paper loss, not a realised loss, that the loss was very small, and that the culprit, the Bank Negara Governor, had already been punished for the crime.

That was actually another lie — a lie to cover a lie. First, the Bank Negara Governor was not the culprit. He was just the fall guy or kambing hitam (sacrificial lamb). Second, the loss was not small. It was huge and practically bankrupted Bank Negara. Third, it was not a paper loss (or loss on paper only). It was a real loss (Bank Negara actually had to pay out the money).

At that point of time, in any other country, Anwar’s political career should have ended. But then Anwar was lying on behalf of Mahathir and Daim and to protect Mahathir and Daim. Hence he had immunity and protection from the two most powerful people in Malaysia at that time. Anwar could do anything he wanted just as long as he was covering Mahathir’s and Daim’s backs and is making sure that the world does not know that Mahathir and Daim cost Malaysia’s taxpayers US10 billion, which today would be worth RM99 billion.

Yes, that is what US$10 billion then is worth today, RM99 billion — or, as they would say in America, RM100 billion with change.




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