Kit Siang is cheating the Chinese, again

DAP’s current 20-member CEC is illegal beause the party’s December 2012 AGM was illegal. So that means the appointment of the Secretary General is also illegal and anything he signs, the Surat Watikah included, is illegal. All DAP needs to do is to hold the party election again. Invite the 2,576 eligible delegates to attend the meeting. Do not bar the 753 eligible candidates from attending the meeting. Do not allow the 547 phantom voters or pengundi hantu to attend the meeting and vote. What is so difficult with that? Why can’t DAP do a simple thing like that?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Lim Kit Siang said today he would consider retiring from politics if it would prevent DAP from getting deregistered ahead of the coming general election. “If my political retirement is the condition for the end of the Umno/ BN conspiracy to deregister DAP, say so, and I will give it consideration,” Kit Siang said.

Kit Siang was responding to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s press secretary, Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, who hinted (just hinted) that DAP may not be allowed to use its party logo in the 14th general election as the Registrar of Societies (RoS) did not recognise the validity of the party’s CEC (central executive committee).

This is classic Kit Siang, the King of Wayang Cina (a.k.a. Chinese Street Opera). This Drama King is, yet again, trying to cheat the Chinese and is trying to win sympathy. Kit Siang is making it appear like he is prepared to sacrifice himself for the sake of the party and for the good of the Chinese cause. But that is just one huge drama and an attempt to not only gain sympathy but to take the Chinese for a ride.

At best DAP can win 50-55 Chinese seats in the next general election even if 100% of the Chinese vote for DAP. So what does Kit Siang hope to achieve and how many more seats does he hope DAP can win with this latest drama?

No, Kit Siang does not intend to ‘retire’. He has been DAP’s dictator for 52 years and he has eliminated all the competition so why should he retire now when he fully controls the party? Furthermore, Lim Guan Eng might also have to ‘retire’ soon when he goes to jail for corruption so how can Kit Siang retire at the same time? Kit Siang needs to stay and fill the vacuum that Guan Eng is going to create once he goes to jail.


Anyway, Kit Siang knows that the RoS is not talking about deregistering DAP. If they wanted to do that they could have done it four years ago. And why should they help Kit Siang by deregistering DAP? That is actually what Kit Siang wants: for DAP to get deregistered. Then he can form a new party and all his enemies and competitors will be left out of this new party.

That was precisely what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did about 30 years ago. He asked the RoS to deregister Umno although the RoS said that was not necessary because the crime they committed was too small and not serious enough to warrant deregistration.

Nevertheless, Mahathir still insisted that the RoS deregister Umno after which Mahathir formed a new party, Umno Baru, and then barred his enemies from joining the new party. His enemies, led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, had no choice but to form their own party, Semangat 46, since they were not allowed to join Umno Baru.

This is what Kit Siang also wants to do. He wants the RoS to deregister DAP so that he can form DAP Baru and then bar his enemies from joining the new party. Once that happens the Lim Dynasty can rule the party with no threats and challenges from the other DAP warlords who have already had enough of the Lims — father, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and so on.  And there are at least half-a-dozen or so DAP warlords who are a threat to the Lim dynasty and who Kit Siang wants eliminated.

In fact, Kit Siang did the same with Pakatan Rakyat. When he wanted to get rid of PAS — because he could not control the PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang — he closed down the opposition coalition and started a new one, Pakatan Harapan. Basically Kit Siang was angry that PAS did not agree to the sacking of Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim. And then, after they sacked Khalid anyway, PAS did not agree to the appointment of Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the new Selangor Menteri Besar.

Kit Siang had earlier told Hadi that if he can agree to the sacking of Khalid and the appointment of Wan Azizah as the new Menteri Besar, PAS will receive RM100 million to help fund the next general election. But to receive that RM100 million PAS will have to defy HRH the Sultan of Selangor and trigger a Constitutional Crisis in Selangor. Hadi did not agree to this even for the RM100 million that Kit Siang promised him.

Now, Kit Siang knows that the RoS has no intention of deregistering DAP. That is not what the RoS wants to do. That is what Kit Siang wants the RoS to do. That is why he is talking about it. And the reason why Kit Siang wants the RoS to deregister DAP has already been explained.

What the RoS wants is just for DAP to hold a re-election of its 20 CEC members. That is all. It is all about properly electing its 20 CEC members. In fact, Kit Siang knows this. And he also knows if that is not done then DAP might not be allowed to use its party logo, the rocket, in the general election.

Kit Siang already knew this back in 2013. That was why DAP made a deal with PAS that in the event the Elections Commission (SPR) forbids the DAP candidates from using the rocket logo in the general election then they will borrow or tompang PAS’s moon logo instead.

DAP knew they had committed an offence and that this offence might bar them from using their rocket logo. So, as a fallback plan, in the event the SPR does not allow DAP’s candidates to use their own rocket logo, they will use the PAS moon logo instead.

But the SPR did not stop DAP’s candidates from using their rocket logo in spite of them not complying to the demands of the RoS. Maybe that was because the matter was only a couple of months old and the RoS wanted to give DAP time to rectify the problem. But then that was four years ago, coming to five years soon.

The problem is not a huge problem. It is actually a very simple matter. But it has become a huge problem because DAP refuses to solve a simple matter.




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