Kit Siang should stop prostituting the religion of Islam

I dare Lim Kit Siang to a public debate live telecast via national television to allow me to prove he’s anti-Islam. Source (pic): TTF

RJ Rithaudeen

Listening to Lim Guan Eng talk about economics is like listening to the Pope talk about Islam.

But listening to Lim’s father speak of Islam is like listening to a prostitute speak of viginity. Having the word Islam come out of Lim Kit Siang’s mouth is akin to listening to the devil say “Allahu akbar.”

Earlier today, the DAP supremo found a way to insert the word kelptocracy into the Muslim conscience by commenting on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s proposal for Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan to form a pact.

Mahathir put forth the idea that the three nations could take the lead in speaking up for the global ummah which faces internal and external conflicts.

In responding, Kit Siang suggested that Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan pool their resources to make Islamic civilisation great again but cautioned them to steer clear of “klepto-theocracy,” which he described as a culture of peddling lies, falsehoods, distrust, suspicion, hatred and supporting thievery and corruption.

In the first place, one of the biggest internal conflicts Malaysian Muslims are currently facing is the DAP itself, which has its agents in various government agencies redistributing resources meant for the Bumiputras and the Malay-Muslims for non-Islamic causes.

The DAP has also played a pivotal role in wresting control of and selling assets belonging to the Malay-Muslims and has made multiple attempts to quietly partake in international treaties by misleading the Conference of Rulers.

The mission has always been to cripple the Monarchical Institution so as to diminish the powers of the rulers and their autonomy in matters related to Islam and ultimately, to turn Malaysia into a Republic.

Lim Kit Siang himself spent the better part of his life attacking the exclusive use of Bahasa Kebangsaan in literature, the status of the Malay language, the status of Bumiputras, the special privileges accorded to the Malay-Muslims and the duality of law.


On the 25thof December 2018, I wrote (in Malay):

“Dari dulu lagi, kita lihat, tidak pernah ada usaha dari Hindraf untuk bermuzakarah dengan kelompok-kelompok Melayu-Islam.

“Waytha Moorthy dan gang-geng dia tidak pernah mengambil masa untuk memahami isi-hati, nilai peradaban dan tatasusila orang-orang Melayu-Islam kerana beliau hanya berniat untuk memerangi mereka.

“Sebab itulah Waytha boleh berkawan dengan Bangsa DAP. Umum tahu, bahawa Lim Kit Siang dari dulu lagi sudah terbukti sebagai seorang anti-Islam dan anti-Melayu yang tegar.

“Percayalah, bahawa Kit Siang akan memperalatkan sesiapa sahaja yang anti-Islam untuk memecah belahkan orang Melayu-Islam demi mencapai matlamatnya untuk menjadikan seorang Cina bukan Islam sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia selepas pilihanraya umum ke-15.

On the 18thof March 2018, I wrote:

Kit Siang has been against the right of Muslims to embrace the full scope of the Islamic Syaria for decades. Over the years, he made countless attempts to turn the Chinese against the Islamic Syaria, impressing upon them that UMNO was bent on Islamizing every faculty within its span of control. There are several instances in history to help me drive this point through.

One in particular is the Private Member’s Bill Kit Siang introduced to Parliament on the 20th of June 1980. On that day, the senior Lim moved that the Dewan Rakyat grant him leave to introduce the Education (Amendment) Act 1980, providing for the repeal of Clause 21(2) of the Education Act 1961.

The clause reads:

Where at any time the Minister is satisfied that a National-type primary school may suitably be converted into a National primary school, he may direct that the school shall become a National primary school.

The senior Lim insisted that by repealing the clause, the government would prove its sincerity in accepting Chinese and Tamil primary schools as “an integral and eternal part of the national education system.”

However, when his attempts to coerce the then premier, Tun Hussein Onn, to support his proposals failed, he became persistent and relentless with attacks against the government by invoking Islamophobia. The senior Lim began to imply that the government was playing pucks with the minds of the Chinese and soon-to-be-voters by Islamising education in local Universities.

In a forum held at Universiti Malaya on the 24th of November in 1984, Kit Siang openly accused the Mahathir administration of attempting to Islamise the economy, education, administration and “other spheres of national life” (without presenting evidence to justify his claims). 

“The UMNO in government appears more concerned about competing with PAS which wants an all-out Islamic state, then in holding firm by the constitutional provision of Malaysia as a secular and multi-religious nation,” he said.

Reading between the lines, you will see how he invoked fear among the Chinese with the idea that UMNO was attempting to infuse Islamic values into mainstream policies. Two years later, he repeated some of these claims at Universiti Sains Malaysia, adding that there was a conscious attempt by the government to force Islam upon non-Muslims.

“Recently, there have been a spate of under-aged non-Muslims being forced to convert to Islam, and forcedly taken away from their homes and parents. I do not believe that there is any religious in the world advocates the break-up of the family ties and family unit, for in Eastern society, to family unit is the integral unit of society. Of family unit is destroyed, society is also destroyed.”

Again, no evidence was ever presented to substantiate these claims.

On the 8th of August 2011, his blog hosted an article, an excerpt from which reads as follows:

“I am equally alarmed at the current intellectual fad of “Islamisation” of knowledge, that is, the attempt to put an Islamic imprint on all disciplines, especially the natural sciences. Invariably it means the adulteration of science. Thus we have Islamic “scientists” who have never seen, let alone used, a test tube.”

These are but a few examples to demonstrate just how consistently biased Kit Siang has been against the Malays and Islam. UMNO is not disseminating fake news or making up stories about the senior Lim. All it is doing is protecting the religion of Islam from threats posed by people like him whose poisonous tongues serve only to stir unrest and turn the Chinese against the Malays, and ultimately, Islam.

And today, he is talking about making Islamic civilisation great again?

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