KNNCCB to you, uncle Lim!!

Lim Sian See

If I see Uncle Lim Kit Siang on the street, I will scold him and WILL say KNNCCB to him.

Why? Because he thoroughly deserves it.

His statement today with the title “Regret at Najib’s “makhluk” language and call for decent, honest and civil campaigning for the 14th General Elections (GE14)” is as follows:

“It is most regrettable that even before the official start of the 14th General Elections Campaign on Nomination Day on April 28, the Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional Chairman, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has already resorted to gutter politics using the “makhluk” language when referring to opponents.

At the PRIMA groundbreaking ceremony in Teluk Intan on Wednesday, Najib warned that a makhluk (creature) who had “a penchant for creating fake news” was contesting in Teluk Intan against the Minister President of Gerakan Mah Siew Keong, clearly referring to Perak DAP chief Ng Kor Ming, who will be carrying the DAP/Pakatan Harapan standard in Teluk Intan in the 14GE.”…/regret-at-najibs-makhluk-la…/

Calling Nga Kor Ming a “makhluk ” is very very mild compared to the foul languages and insults that Nga Kor Ming dishes out on a regular basis. Things like “[email protected]”, calling the MB as “Metallic Black” and calling Najib “Perompak”, “Penyamun” etc..

And yet, Uncle Lim turns a blind eye and ear.

His chief ceramah specialist Superman Hew is also a master of foul language, insults and name-calling and does it countless times every day in his ceramah but Kit Siang does not even raise a whimper.


Even when Superman Hew crossed the line and asked Chinese voters to use Malays to skrew Malays in order to watch the best show of a lifetime, all Kit Siang can say is that it is vulgar language but not racist.

No reprimand, no regrets and no discipline for Superman Hew then.

And his current hugging partner Mahathir calls the Bugis as pirates, the Indians as “keling”, calls Najib all sorts of names every day and mocks Rosmah as fat and walks like a gearbox.

What does Kit Siang say about that?


And when Najib uses the word “makhluk” to describe Nga Kor Ming, Kit Siang immediately springs into life to issue statement saying that he regrets Najib’s language and calls for “decent, honest and civil campaigning for the 14th General Elections.”

Yes. KNNCCB to you, Uncle Kit Siang. PTUI!!!

Source: Lim Sian See



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