Kudos to the Malay liberals – you just ruined the future of the less privileged

Chris Wong

I don’t mean to be racist or to belittle the Malays or anyone.

Menang sorak kampung tergadai.

Granted, the so-called Malay liberals who voted for Pakatan Harapan may be good enough to compete with other races in everything. But did you ever consider those who aren’t as lucky as you and still have a long way to go? Did you give a thought to those who will come after them?

You may not feel the effects and impacts immediately, ‘takkan hari ni kahwin, esok dapat anak’. Wait till you’re stripped of every privilege you enjoyed all this while, when the children of those who are as yet underprivileged need to compete with others to get into public universities, or when they don’t get the extra discount buying houses or whatever privileges that come with being a Malay and Bumiputera.

Kudos to you.

You just ruined the future of their children and the children of their children.