Lembap keldai seperti Lim Guan Eng

There has to be a special initiative to assist students who fall into the “lembap keldai seperti LGE” category. Source (pic): TTF Files

Following is a satirical piece adapted from NST Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

PUTRAJAYA: Starting next year, the Form Three Assessment (PT3) examinations will be prepared by schools based on the question bank and guidelines provided by the Malaysian Examination Board (MEB).

TTF: I hope the question bank includes questions that gauge the students’ understanding on the benefits derived from wearing black shoes and socks.

NST Online continued…

In a statement, MEB said the PT3 format from this year would be developed based on the suitability and needs of the Secondary School Standard Curriculum.

“From next year and the following years, the written examination will be prepared by the schools.

TTF: Great. At least, schools in the east coast need not follow what schools in the west coast choose to assess.

For instance, students in the east coast need to be assessed to see if they understand that black socks and shoes help save lives during floods as they allow students to stay afloat, legs up.

We don’t have many floods on the west coast, you see.

NST Online continued…

“The 2019 format of PT3 is developed based on the views of teachers, students and parents through several studies conducted through the implementation of PT3 since 2015.

“The new format will be used from 2020 to empower PT3,” the board said, adding that it would be done in two ways. Firstly, the current centralised assessments (PP) will be retained for five subjects and, secondly, the summative assessments at the lower secondary level will be done by schools for the other 18 subjects.

TTF: Add a nineteenth subject.

Call it “Kasut Akhlak Buat Orang-Orang Malaysia (KABOOM).

NST Online continued…

“PP is executed through a process of shared accountability between MEB and the schools, whereby examination papers will be prepared by the board and the management of the assessments will be done wholly by the schools.

“Subsequently, the summative assessments will be done at the end of final examinations to obtain information on the students’ achievements, which will be done by the schools,” MEB said.

The Education Ministry will continue to boost teachers’ understanding and skills in education assessments to ensure the quality of the National Education Assessment System.

TTF: Don’t forget to tell teachers how black socks and shoes help even cows to learn science.

That’s opportunity right there for you.

Soon, we could be looking at a multibillion dollar industry with the introduction of a new breed of schools, such as cow school, chicken school, donkey school and Lim Guan Eng school.

NST Online continued…

On March 14, Education director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin said the Education Ministry was working towards uplifting the school-based assessment by empowering PT3 from next year.

Amin said this would give more autonomy to the schools in the managing the assessments and, at the same time, empower the teaching profession.

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