Less political nonsense (like PPBM Rashid) for 2019

Another Brick in the Wall

It was a nonsense weekend.

Supposed to watch a musical teather with frailed mother, in which a niece was performing, but an incident at the teather entrance ended mother had to undergo emergency operation for an open fracture.

There was another nonsense over the weekend. Though there was no prior statutory branch and division meetings held, it was supposed to be PPBM’s first AGM after winning GE.

Expectation was for something significant on their struggle as Malay and Muslim based party of the Prime Minister. It became an event similar to a divorcee endlessly bitching of their ex and could only promise the next marriage not be like the previous.

The biggest nonsense must be VP, Tan Sri Rashid Abd Rahman requesting “openly” for contracts to be awarded to division head to finance PPBM division operation. And,  Syed Saddiq said PPBM is not UMNO 2.0 or 3.0…

There have been too many such political nonsense in 2018 that Assistant Minister and Principal Secretary to the Sarawak Chief Minister Office, Abdullah Saidol had an interesting new year wish.

Borneo Post Online reported it HERE and his “unplug” message as below:

Abdullah: Perhaps a Naive New Year Wish But Hope His Not Alone.

Moving forward next year, for goodness sake, I hope there will be less political nonsense and clumsiness from all politician or leaders from both side, of course, including my humble self.

Why did I spontaneously said that?


Looking back, there was many comical things happened in this country.

Those with responsibility to manage national fiscal, applied the weirdest accounting practices or standards which caused him to frequently confuse with the number of zeros in millions and billions.

The one whose primary job is suppose to unite people and due to some reckless statement by his comrades, which he fail to manage, eventually caused serious public chaos that also build uncontrol elements of racial hatred. Whole nation knows that someone among them must have “blood stain” on their hands.

When many schools in the country are dilapidated, of all things, his swift response was splendidly introducing “Black Shoe” to be worn by all students. Not knowing that such black shoes are more expensive than white.

Now, after 7 months, it seem like every ordinary citizens of this country understand the meaning of “Rules of Law”.

Their perception is that, just bring to court and charged as many as possible then, if later they found out not enough evidences, just apply to court to discharge the so called accuse person or discontinue the case.

Many political heroes or self-proclaimed people’s champion going around the country for couple of years, screaming day and night at every gathering giving assurances and promises to the masses that if they are given the opportunity to manage the country, “believe you me”, they will be able to bring down the cost of living and essential goods will be affordable.

And further to that, they also confidently pledged and guarantees that massive infrastrutural development will be initiated favouring people’s needs.

Eventually after they secured the power, shockingly people were told that all those promises, pledges and guarantees are not “Holy Words or Books” therefore not oblige to fulfil.

Perhaps the reason is that, all things are said or announced by not so “Holy People”.

Can’t blame the majority who supported them. How many people actually care to read that small printed cautious statement under their forked tongue?

The people’s expectations are actually reasonable.

They just want to be assured that the future of our beloved nation are led and managed by leaders who should knows what they are doing or talking.

They should by now “put the money where their mouth is” by managing this country brilliantly.

Less politicking and more delivering.

Back to the new year wishes. Amongst others, not much to ask and wish for, perhalps Six (6) things i humbly believed that should to be given extra attention next year, which is another 365 days extra period after the expiry of the “100 days” pledged are the followings;

First, please manage the country’s economy prudent and judiciously so as not to burden the people socio-economically and  creating conducive  vibrancy within our business environment and communities.

This might attract and the return of foreign investment.

At the same time, be creative and innovative in finding ways to improve our national revenues and adding more values to whatever available natural resources that we have.

Second, Malaysians, especially political leaders must always do or say things thats unite the people of this multiracial & multireligious nation.

We need societal unity to earn peace and harmony.

Those unscrupulous people that frequently promote bigotry, hatred and predujices must be despised and rejected.

Third, sense of security and justice among the people must be enhanced.

To further reduce crime index especially that involves drug abuse, cyber crime, corruption, human trafficking, tremendous social media’s irresponsible slanderous or malicious posting and also goods smuggling.

The notion about Rules of Law must not be perceived as mere slogan but must be genuinely practiced and executed impartial and equitably.

Choas and public disorder will never benefit anybody.

National security should prevail.

Fourth, there must be stern commitment towards strengthening the quality of our national education system.

The infrastructural  development of our dilapidated schools nationwide must be expeditiously implemented.

All this is to ensure future generations are well educated, with high moral values and supreme civic conscience.

Next, is the most talk about concern raised by the masses which is about strengthening intergrity and good  governance.

All efforts must be glaringly done so as to instil unyielding discipline upon all those who hold power, authority and fiduciary obligations.

The public yearned to see further improvement, i.e. efficient administration, punctual deliveries and effective monitoring system by all government machinery.

Last but not least, as one those representatives representing rural folks, it always been my desire and hope that the government, either state or federal, will continuously committing and equally dispatch the necessary developments towards the rural areas so as to gradually narrowing the rural-urban disparities.

This honest wish of mine may caused people to perceive me as a “naive political punk or jagung” but I partially share John Lennon’s feeling in his song ‘Imagine’, which says, ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one.’

Nobody is perfect, but eventually patriotic and conscious-minded people will recognise who has that genuine enthusiasm and proven ability to reasonably deliver good things and assistance for the people.

And at the same time, people will soon becoming more aware and mindful of those wicked individuals who choose to shamelessly  manipulate, deceive and bluffing on their way up.

Sarawakians as it seem now, have no choice but to be more united than ever.

Sarawak’s rights and interests must be protected, secured and fight for.

Notwithstanding that, behaving hostile is not a Sarawakian style in dealing with such demands but we will always remain resilient and vigilance.

Off course, personal wish or inspiration as a person is for me to keep and God willing, hope everyone will be blessed with inner strenght and self-esteem to face all challenges within our own rugged environment.

Happy New year to all.

Abdullah Hj.Saidol

Before we talk about Rashid Rahman, this video below should awaken all to wish and pray for no more political nonsense in 2019.

For the case of Rashid, he was the reason to say enough with Perkasa.

The Kelantanis was invited in by Dato Ibrahim Ali and appointed VP, subsequently shot his mouth without any sense of political correctness, or depth in argument or facts to back.

He thought the manner PPBM won the general election was God’s miracle of  prophetic preportion or mukjizat dari Allah (?).

Subsequently he uttered something UMNO would never expressed openly, but they did from Mahathir’s time.

Coming from the EC Chairman of Mahathir PM4 era and dubbed by Dato Lokman Noor Adam as Pengarah Penipuan Pilihanraya, it helps to convey the truth that such indiscretion on public finance was hallmark of Mahathir’s abuses for sake of politics.

A PPBM supporter, facebooker Sofian Abdul Rahman wrote that was the reason he rejected UMNO but now PPBM doing the same? Few months ago, he wrote of not concerned with PH failure to deliver their manifesto as long as Najib is rid off.

Syed Saddiq and Armada lambasted Rashid, and DAP Youth head too, but he plead ignorance to the expensive branded Herschel bags given to PPBM delegates.

Apparently, the undercurrent behind the loud cheer to Rashid’s speech was delegates’ unhappiness for organiser failure to deliver the promised board and petrol money, but could afford expensive bag and venue.

Few PPBM friends that attended tried to defend strengthening the finance of division’s head as strictly for financing division, which was no answer.

PPBM’s MPT took a line that any PPBM member can bid for public contracts but has to undergo due and proper process. Mere after thought.

It is a dulu, kini dan selamanya 3.0 pettiness that arise from Mahathir’s legacy as 4th PM. It was an UMNO culture nurtured by Mahathir taking a blind eye.

To outsider, it remained as big a political nonsense as the nonsenses coming from Mat Maszlee, Syed Saddiq and Rina Harun, all singled out by Tun Dr Mahathir in his winding speech.

PPBM passed a motion for Mahathir to finish his term as 7th PM, but himself, Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Dato Mukhriz pretended to say will honour promise to pass the position to Anwar within two years and respect wishes of other PH component party.

Facebooker Jalil Ab Backer quipped to insist Mahathir to remain PM forever. Otherwise, he will criticised any new PM within 6 month.

With Azmin’s “declared war” on Anwar, Azmin-Hishamuddin pact in the open, and game to deny Anwar to be 8th PM is in motion (more of that next year tomorrow) , it will be difficult but nevertheless. the wish remain for less political nonsense in 2019.

Happy New Year everyone.

Source: Another Brick in the Wall

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