Lim, didn’t ‘Azmin’s Selangor’ ban Octoberfest in 2014? Where were you then?

TTF: Following is an excellent revelation by the MCA’s Ti Lian Ker that I think the DAP must respond to

Ti Lian Ker

I find it funny that DAP is criticising the ban on “Better Beer Festival” when they themselves were as silent as a mouse when the opposition-led Selangor government banned Octoberfest in 2014.

This is hypocrisy at the highest level. It also goes to show that DAP is a party without principles and memory.

In 2014, the Selangor authorities banned the Oktoberfest beer festival,  as the PAS veep Iskandar Abdul Samad, who was also the Selangor executive council member, said “the Selangor government never approved the hosting of beer festival Oktoberfest in the state”.

DAP who had empowered PAS during the last two General Elections, were nowhere to be seen or heard when this announcement was made, they did not protest nor did they call for resignation. Lim Kit Siang did not demand for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI).

DAP’s hypocritical stance is not new, they only defend the rights of non-Muslims when it benefits the party and they keep quiet when it does not.

Where was Lim Kit Siang when PAS, the party they had once empowered, stood against Octoberfest? Was Lim Kit Siang quiet because he was afraid of destroying what he had accomplished; to convince the Chinese to support PAS?

Now Lim Kit Siang has much to say against the government’s decision to ban the “Better Beer Festival” even though the decision was made due to national security reasons.


Non-Muslims in the country must know that DAP uses religion and racial issues as their political agenda to garner support and votes.

Unfortunately, non-Muslims in the country have been fooled over the last two General Elections to fall for this trick, but they will see through the nasty political agenda that reeks of hypocrisy.

Unlike DAP, the only reason MCA accepted the ban was because it was made due to security reasons, what was DAP’s reason for the deafening silence in 2014’s Oktoberfest fiasco?

Source: Berita Daily



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