Lim Kit Siang admits Bank Negara gambled away forex reserves under Mahathir

Lim Sian See

If Pakatan supporters still cannot accept that Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim’s Bank Negara (BNM) forex scandal is about GAMBLING and not due to normal central bank currency intervention in 2013 to 2016, then they can always ask Lim Kit Siang.

He mentioned gambling twice in this statement about the BNM scandal.

_”I had told Parliament last July that in Mangolia, two former central bank governors and three of their staff were charged in court for negligence and over-stepping their authority in *gambling* for two disastrous years on the world’s foreign exchange markets, causing a loss of US$90 million.”_

and also…

_”This only shows that *massive speculation or gambling* in the forex market has resulted in losses which has wiped out any gains from a weaker ringgit.”_…/the-colossal-forex-l…/

Obviously, your de-facto behind-the-scenes Pakatan leader Kit Siang cannot be wrong or is a liar.

Or, if you don’t trust Kit Siang, then you can always listen to Anwar Ibrahim.
” Ini terbukti falsu kemudiannya apabila kerugian besar akibat berjudi terdedah dan nilai pertukaran asing MYR merudum dalam tahun 1997-98 diserang spekulator.

“Ketiga, Berapa besar dana digunakan BNM untuk berjudi di dalam pasaran pertukaran asing?”…/skandal-wang-asing-bnm-1992-…/

Source: Lim Sian See