Lim Kit Siang’s dilemma: His books will now be under intense scrutiny

The Malaysian Observer

The delimma that Lim Kit Siang now faces is that all his future expenditures will be looked at under a financial microscope.

You see, there is a problem that accompanies suddenly coming into a lot of money; people will want to know where the money came from.  The questions they will ask will be much like those Tun Mahathir asked with respect to the Middle East gift that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak received.

Mahathir wanted to know the origin of not only the money from pruning to transfer and all the details and stops in between, but he wanted to know the ins, outs and why’s of the gift’s donor.

In essence, Mahathir wanted a proctologist type of exam carried out; and as things turned out the money was a gift.

So Lim Kit Siang may need to visit his buddy Anwar Ibrahim in Sungei Buloh prison to get some KY Jelley because he will have to explain any high ticket items that a politician could not afford given their salary.

How will Lim Kit Siang be able to explain a shift in lifestyle that resembles that of Mahathir and his family.

As Malaysia Today reported; Mahathir and his family’s wealth is beyond what he earned during his 22 years as Prime Minister.


On top of that Mahathir’s children are all billionaires and are listed in Forbes’ list of top 100 richest Malaysians. Mahathir himself has billions in investments all over the world, even in a hotel resort within walking distance from his house in Mines. And what about the horse ranch in Argentina and the numerous apartments in London worth tens of millions each?

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Even if Lim Kit Siang says that the RM1 Billion is an inheritance that a Chinese emperor years passed left him; he would have to prove it in the same way Mahathir wanted to know the minute details of the Middle East (Saudi) gift.

Lim Kit Siang will not be able say that he won one or the combination of all the local lotteries because the odds of winning all of them would be astronomical.  In addition, it would have people believjnv that the winning numbers are chosen in advance.

Nevertheless all is not loss; there are options for Lim Kit Siang.  He can say the RM1 Billion is a scholarship from Oxford university.

He could also say that it was given to him to start ‘How to win a party election by fraud’ schools.

If none of those work; Kit Siang can always get advice from ‘Sad-Dick’ (Syed Saddiq), if he needs more ideas on what to do.

But what Lim Kit Siang will not be able to do is spend beyond what he earns as a politician as his as well as his family’s future expenditures will looked at under a financial microscope.

There seems to be only two (2) options for Kit Siang.

  1. Emperor Lim Kit Siang can leave it as an inheritance for some future heir 5 generations down the line or…
  2. Lim Kit Siang can throw Mahathir under the bus by saying that he accepted the bribe as some elaborate sting operation to prove what he had been saying all those years about Mahathir is true.

The only option he does not have with the reported RM1 Billion total from Mahathir in exchange for the Pakatan Harapan chairmanship position and a safe seat for Mukhriz Mahathir to contest is spending it.

Any unusual spending will only invite financial proctologist to open pandora’s box!

Source: The Malaysian Observer



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