Liow: Guan Eng too busy playing politics to fulfil promises


“Many promises were made…At least 50 of them have yet to be fulfilled. Penangites now know his true colour”

GEORGE TOWN: MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai last night said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has failed to address problems faced by Penang including flooding and environmental issues.

He said despite having ample time to prove otherwise for the past nine years, Lim’s government has failed to address floods, environmental lapses and even matters related to rubbish collection.

Liow, who is Transport Minister, said Lim might have been busy “playing politics” rather than coming up with good planning and development agenda for the state.

“(According to Lim) All problems faced in the state is because of the previous government. Nothing to do with him… even the recent floods he said was not his problem.

“The image he is painting lately is very bad… playing politics with the people,” Liow told reporters after opening the state MCA Convention at the Penang Chinese Town Hall here last night.

Liow said Penangites were savvy enough to “see through” Lim and the state government’s game, as there were many promises yet to be fulfilled.

“Many promises were made…At least 50 of them have yet to be fulfilled. Penangites now know his true colour,” Liow said.


“After nine years, he is still using the same old line.

“People are getting fed up with his tactics,” he said.

In the run-up to the next polls, Liow urged MCA members to win the hearts of Penangites and described DAP as a party that is only good at “playing with the emotions of the Chinese”.

“MCA will rise to the occasion, because the people know the DAP’s propaganda,

“You can fool the people sometime but not all the time. Sine he (Lim) has been using the same trick all the time, people now realise that he is not sincere,” he said.

Liow added that MCA would not ignore Penang as it had helped the state since Merdeka, pointing out that MCA’s Wong Pow Nee was the state’s first CM.

“We admit there has been a lot of damages done (to MCA) in the past two general elections…We have to work hard as it’s not an easy battle.”

Source: NST Online



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