Lip Eng, you forgot Mahathir’s alleged complicity in Taib Mahmud’s case

Following is an article published by NST Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has to come clean on why he did not press charges against former Sabah chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman when he served as attorney-general.

TTF: Likewise, Tommy Thomas has to come clean on why he has yet to press charges against former Sarawak chief minister Tun Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud on suspicion that he received illegal kickbacks from Japanese shipping companies exporting timber from Sarawak (READ FULL DISCLOSURE HERE)

Kepong member of parliament Lim Lip Eng said Gani was duty bound to clear the air over the issue as well as to respond to claims that the latter had stayed his hand due to purported family ties with Musa.

TTF: Likewise, Tommy Thomas is duty bound to clear the air over the issue and address the possibility that he is staying his hand due to Mahathir’s extensive links with crony-tycoons who helped Taib ‘rape Sarawak’s rainforests’.

“Gani is, therefore, duty bound to explain to the public why he did not prosecute Musa. Did Gani not prosecute Musa because he feared Musa or the former PM (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak)?

TTF: Are you that dumb, Lip Eng, or are you just pretending to be dumb?

How could Gani fear Najib when it was he who helped Tan Sri Abu Kassim fabricate a charge sheet against the former premier in July 2015?

Speaking of which, whatever happened to that charge sheet?

“Or was it because Gani is related to Musa? Gani must explain his decision and clear the suspicion that now falls on him,” Lim said in a statement.

TTF: Likewise, Tommy Thomas must also explain if he’s hesitant to press charges against Taib owing to the kickbacks Mahathir is alleged to have received from Sarawak turnkey projects involving Taib’s family members.

On Monday, Musa, who is Sungai Sibuga assemblyman, was charged with 35 counts of graft for receiving a total of US$63.3 million (RM263 million) in exchange for logging contracts that were issued between 2004 and 2008.

He had claimed trial to the charges related to the purported kickbacks he received from 16 timber concession firms when he chaired Yayasan Sabah.

Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, who was appointed prosecutor for the case, told the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court that Musa was already investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for some time but the case was ordered closed.

He had also claimed that he was amazed that Gani had not, at that time, instructed for Musa to be prosecuted.

In 2012, then de facto law minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz told the Dewan Rakyat there was no graft in Sabah timber tycoon Michael Chia’s purported RM40 million donation to Sabah Umno.

Chia’s name was one of those mentioned in the charge sheet against Musa.

It was also reported that the Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) seized Singapore dollars valued about RM40 million in 2008, which had been found in Chia’s luggage prior to his boarding a flight to Malaysia.

The MACC’s Operations Review Panel had in 2012 requested Gani to review the decision not to charge Musa for graft.

On this, Lim stated: “Not only are (all) Barisan Nasional cabinet ministers of 2012 accountable for Musa’s alleged crimes, (all) BN parliamentarians of that year have to come clean now if they were accomplices. The authorities have to investigate them if they continue to be in denial or in silence.”

TTF: Likewise, not only are all Barisan Nasional cabinet ministers of 1981-2003 accountable for Mahathir’s alleged crimes – including the Perwaja, BMF, FOREX, Memali and EPF scandals – all have to come clean if they were accomplices. 

Source: NST Online