Lyndon Johnson, not Nixon, was involved in Kennedy’s death

The Conspiring Whistleblower

“They’re going to find out about Cuba. They’re going to find out about the guns, find out about New Orleans, find out about everything.” Jack Ruby spoke those words.

He’s the mob-FBI informant-nightclub owner who shot and killed Lee Oswald in front of more than 70 Dallas police (who left Lee wide open to receive the death blow). Jack Ruby’s connections to New Orleans were important, and the book ME & LEE reveals just how important they were.

I refer you to an article from the July-August, 1995 issue (Vol. 2 No. 5) of Probe Magazine — published 22 years ago — 15 years before ME & LEE came out clarifying Jack Ruby’s actual relationship to Lee Oswald, as well as his activities in 1963.

First, I’ll show you what the authors wrote that was good, and then what they MISSED:



“It’s not as if they didn’t know. Assistant counsels to the Warren Commission Burt Griffin and Leon Hubert wrote, in a memo to the Warren Commission members dated March 20, 1964, that “the most promising links between Jack Ruby and the assassination of President Kennedy are established through underworld figures and anti-Castro Cubans, and extreme right-wing Americans.”

Two months later, Griffin and Hubert wrote another memo to the Commission, significantly titled “Adequacy of the Ruby Investigation” in which they warned, “We believe that a reasonable possibility exists that Ruby has maintained a close interest in Cuban affairs to the extent necessary to participate in gun sales or smuggling.”


Ruby had talked about it himself while in jail, reportedly telling a friend, “They’re going to find out about Cuba. They’re going to find out about the guns, find out about New Orleans, find out about everything.” Tales of Ruby running guns to Cuba abounded in the FBI reports taken in the first weeks after the assassination, yet neither the Warren Commission nor the House Select Committee pursued those leads very far. Griffin and Hubert expressed concern over this, saying that “neither Oswald’s Cuban interests in Dallas nor Ruby’s Cuban activities have been adequately explored.”

“..Hubert and Griffin expressed in their memo of May 14 to Rankin that “we believe that the possibility exists, based on evidence already available, that Ruby was involved in illegal dealings with Cuban elements who might have had contact with Oswald. The existence of such dealings can only be surmised since the present investigation has not focused on that area.”

An article about Jack Ruby by Jeff Morley ironically begins with the words “Who says new JFK witnesses can’t be found?” (as he rejects me as a new witness!) His “new witness” is about “Jack Ruby’s pursuit of an exotic dancer named Gail Raven in January 1963.”

The writer reports in ME & LEE that Ruby was bisexual, not a homosexual, and found Morley’s article about Gail a refreshing example of his truly virulent interest in women (for Jack Ruby certainly looked at me, and treated me, the way most males who liked women did, when we met in New Orleans in 1963!).
Morley wrote:

“In 1963 Gail Raven was the stage name of a precociously mature 20-year-old woman who danced on the national nightclub circuit that included Ruby’s Carousel Club in Dallas. Ruby (born Jack Rubenstein) was a Chicago tough guy who took a shine to her, and they became friends…

Why did Ruby kill Oswald?

“He had no choice,” Raven said. When I asked her to explain why he “had no choice,” she replied only, “Jack had bosses, just like everyone else.” (Of course, everyone who has read ME & LEE knows this is true.)

“Raven says she believes “he was instructed on what he needed to do, therefore he did it. And when the opportunity presented itself he went ahead and took it.”

Did Ruby kill Oswald to spare First Lady Jackie Kennedy the ordeal of a criminal trial?

“That was absolutely made up,” Raven said.

Ruby and the Dallas police:

“He was very close with Dallas authorities, including the police and sheriff’s department. He helped them out and was friends with many,” she says. Raven thinks those friends may have informed Ruby about the transfer of Oswald and let him be there to witness it, but she stresses these are her thoughts only.

She doesn’t think that killing Oswald was Ruby’s original plan on November 24, 1963.

“He would have never done it with Sheba (his weenie dog) left in his car, knowing they would arrest him and Sheba would be alone,” she said. “Sheba was a child to Jack.” [JVB: NOTE WELL: WE NOW HAVE SOME EVIDENCE THAT ‘SHEBA’ WAS NOT LEFT IN THE CAR. Sheba was kept safe, while one of her male pups was actually left in the car — but that’s an argument for another time and place.]

“Ruby… continued to ask Raven to marry him. They were friends. He liked her because she didn’t drink or smoke.”

JVB: Ruby was actually a health food nut and was against smoking and drinking –one of the things he and Lee had in common, as I’ve explained in ME & LEE. My book came out in 2010, while this article was written Aug. 14, 2016]

She told him she didn’t want to get married. He teased that they needed to get married for the “shock factor” and to surprise her friend Tammie True (stage name). But in Raven’s words they were “always just good friends.”

“Jack was NOT crazy as he has been portrayed,” Raven says. “He did have a temper and when he saw something going wrong he would take care of things himself instead of depending on his bouncer like others.”

“He was good to my grandmother when she visited,” she said. “He was good to everyone he was close to.”

Jack Ruby’s ties to Richard Nixon have been established by Roger Stone and by various documents that have slowly leaked out. Roger Stone has been anxious to prove that Lyndon Johnson, not Nixon, was personally involved in Kennedy;s death.

Some argument in favor of Stone’s opinion exists in the fact that Nixon is one of the few major names involved with the Kennedy assassination who did not have pat answers — alibis–as to his whereabouts on the day Kennedy was shot. It may be true that he was apprised of Kennedy’s impending doom only the night before, and therefore was unable to excuse himself from Dallas as early as he claimed (he now has evidence that Nixon was still in Dallas when JFK died — available in the new book KENNEDY AND OSWALD-THE BIG PICTURE, which will be released next month). for Roger Stone’s information on Jack Ruby’s asociation with Nixon, see:…/Former-Nixon-aide-claims-evide…



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