Mahathir challenges Johor Palace to remove him

Back in 2016, Mahathir, through his lawyer, claimed that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had the power to sack a sitting Prime Minister. Source (picture): TTF

TTF: The post of prime minister is determined by the people, not the Johor Crown Prince, says Mahathir.

However, he was eerily silent when his lawyer and media mouthpiece, Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla, stated incorrectly that the Federal Constitution of Malaysia allowed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to dismiss a sitting Prime Minister.

Hanif made this bold yet ridiculously inaccurate claim on the 29th of September 2016, just three weeks after the establishment of PPBM, a surrogate party housing disgruntled UMNO has-beens.

Given Mahathir’s continued silence on the matter, we can safely conclude that he actually believes that the Agong can sack him.

What this means, is that his latest remark towards the Johor Crown Prince was highly inaccurate by his own standards and was meant to challenge TMJ to convince the Agong to sack him.

BEIJING: The post of prime minister is determined by the people, not the Johor Crown Prince.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said this when asked to comment on what was said by Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim in a recent video.

“Instead of changing (JDT coach Benjamin) Mora, it’s better to change the prime minister”, Tunku Ismail said.

Dr Mahathir said the Johor Crown Prince could be changed, but the prime minister is decided by the people.

“He’s not a big man, just a small one. If he wants to change the prime minister, he is welcome to vote,” Dr Mahathir said at a press conference with Malaysian media at the end of his five-day working visit here.

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