Mahathir claims no interest in returning to UMNO

TTF: This is coming from a man who, in 1988, destroyed the original UMNO just to flush the party of his critics before establishing UMNO baru

KUALA LUMPUR: DR Mahathir Mohamad will never return to Umno, even if its president  Prime Minister Najib Razak is ousted because it is a party that has broken down and strayed from its purpose.

On a video posted on the Bersatu Facebook page, the former Umno president said although he originally left his old party with the aim of removing Najib from power, he realised that the party had “rosak teruk” (badly broken-down) because of Najib.

“The party now places more importance on itself, on money and such. It is no longer the champion of religion, race and country,” said Dr Mahathir, who is now Bersatu chairman.

He said due to all this, the party was no longer the Umno of old.

“It has been shaped by Najib and it now has completely different aims from before.

“Because of this, I will never return to Umno,

“This is an Umno that has broken down and which prefers to struggle for ‘dedak’ instead of for religion, race and country.”

Source: The Malaysian Insight