Mahathir hates being preempted or second-guessed

In short, Plan A is to blackmail the MACC and AGC and make them do Mahathir’s bidding. Then the MACC and AGC will be used to blackmail Najib to do his bidding. If Najib refuses then Plan B will be launched to get the MACC and AGC to resurrect the July 2015 charge sheet and fix him up on the allegation that the RM2.6 billion was stolen from 1MDB and was not a donation from the Saudis, which Sarawak Report published on 30th July 2015 and which the MACC alleged via a police report on 4th August 2015 is a fake charge sheet.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Saya hairan tanya soalan berkenaan dengan Raja Petra. Dia itu mabuk, dia minum selalu, dia tak bercakap betul, dia tak tahu apa, dia duduk di London.” (READ MORE HERE)

That was what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad replied when asked by the press yesterday regarding the three articles that Malaysia Today published earlier this week:

  1. Mukhriz’s Political Future Getting Bleaker By The Day
  2. Mahathir Wants Najib To Appoint Mukhriz As DPM II
  3. It’s Mahathir Who Wants Dzulkifli Removed After All

The point is Mahathir hates being preempted or second-guessed (second-guessed: anticipated or predicted). He likes to feel he is in control at all times and that he decides when and how an attack is going to be made. If preempted or second-guessed then he is no longer in control and would have lost the element of surprise.

Sun Tzu said one must always engage the enemy on your terms and not on your enemy’s terms. You must also decide when and how the engagement should happen and an attack must be a surprise and not anticipated. Furthermore, you much engage the enemy on your turf and not on your enemy’s turf. So you must draw the enemy onto your turf and never get drawn onto your enemy’s turf. Most importantly, use deception to defeat the enemy and let your enemy think you are attacking from the right when you are actually attacking from the left.

Yes, and that is what Mahathir thought he was doing when he said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak must be removed before the general election and that if Plan A fails, and Najib does not fall, then he will execute Plan B — plus he will keep the details of Plan B close to his chest and will not reveal what it is.


Mahathir does not seem to be good at arithmetic if he is talking about Plan A and Plan B. He already executed Plan A, Plan B and Plan C in 2015 and since then he executed Plan D, Plan E, Plan F, Plan G, Plan H and so on. And all plans from A to H (or maybe Plans I, J, K and L as well) have failed. So Mahathir is not taking about Plan A and Plan B any more but Plan M and Plan N.

The way he is going, Mahathir is going to eventually run out of alphabets and will soon be talking about Plan AA, Plan AB, Plan AC and so on. Anyway, Mahathir’s Plan A was in July 2015 followed by Plans B and C in October and December 2015. This was the coup d’état during the 29th July Cabinet meeting, the October vote-of-no-confidence in Parliament, and the December vote-of-no-confidence during the Umno annual assembly.

All failed so Mahathir organised the 20th July 2016 US DoJ press conference followed by the 15th June 2017 US DoJ press conference. These two press conferences were supposed to nail Najib and force his resignation. Those, too, failed. This final push is supposed to be executed before the end of January 2018 so that Najib will not be leading Umno and Barisan Nasional in the next general election that Mahathir says will be around March-April 2018.

Anyway, let’s humour Mahathir and talk about his Plan A and Plan B (if he insists it is Plan A and Plan B, as he said recently, and not Plan M and Plan N). What is the Plan A that he is working on and what is the Plan B that is his backup plan in the event Plan A fails?

Plan A and Plan B are supposed to be a secret. It is his sneak-attack that is supposed to catch Najib by surprise and make him beg to do a deal. And the details have been mentioned in the three articles mentioned above (Mukhriz’s Political Future Getting Bleaker By The Day, Mahathir Wants Najib To Appoint Mukhriz As DPM II and It’s Mahathir Who Wants Dzulkifli Removed After All).




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