Mahathir is betraying your trust without you knowing about it

TTF: Pakatan Harapan pledged never to betray the trust of the people (see news item below). According to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the coalition could be toppled easily should it do anything contrary to our laws and religion. That is many a true word spoken by a man, who, together with Daim Zainuddin, spent close to two decades betraying the trust of the people without them actually knowing he was doing it.

Back in the eighties and nineties, Mahathir manipulated the Federal Constitution over and over again on the pretext that some grey areas existed. One of his many acts of betrayal was the curtailing of powers enjoyed by the Monarchical Institution. To convince the rakyat that the deed was necessary, he used the slapping of hockey coach Douglas Gomez by the then ruler of Johor as proof that the rulers in Malaysia needed to be controlled.

These excuses allowed him to treat the constitution like toilet paper that could be scribbled on any time he liked. Despite the protests, people generally believed in whatever he did and were convinced that he did it in the best interest of the country. But it wasn’t until he stepped down as Prime Minister did they begin to see him for the liar he truly was. Yet, fifteen years later, he succeeded in rebuilding their trust by keeping them glued on fake news regarding Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and 1MDB.

By doing so, Mahathir impressed upon the rakyat that Najib was bad news for the country and needed to go. Then, the minute Pakatan won the 14th general election (GE14), he began to manipulate debt figures and convinced everyone that the country Najib left behind was going to the dogs. These arguments allowed him to plunge the economy before getting his cronies to snap up shares at dirt cheap prices. 

Today, these cronies are practically the owners of mega-projects Pakatan once promised it would scrap. As long as the Prime Minister keeps you guys in slumber, he will continue to manipulate the economy and get people like Tan Sri Vincent Tan to purchase more and more shares. By the time he’s through, his cronies will have enough government linked projects to last them and their kins a lifetime regardless who becomes the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

That, in essence, is how he is betraying your trust without you knowing about it.

LANGKAWI: The Pakatan Harapan government has pledged not to do what the previous government had done — failing to uphold the people’s trust, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

He said he and the Pakatan Harapan coalition could be toppled by the people if they did anything contrary to the laws and religion.

“Tell me if I cheat. I can be dropped. Likewise, the Pakatan Harapan elected representatives who cheat or do not uphold the trust can be removed as well,” he said when opening the 29th general meeting of Koperasi  Pembangunan Daerah Langkawi, here.

Dr Mahathir said the previous government had unashamedly stolen public funds and, claiming that the money was halal, had used it to sponsor people for the Haj pilgrimage.

“How can this money be regarded as halal and used for the Haj pilgrimage when it was stolen in the first place?” he asked.

Dr Mahathir said the concept of trust was also important in the management of cooperatives because it determined the success or failure of an organisation.

He said those entrusted with the responsibility to manage a cooperative should discharge their duties with sincerity and trust.

“Any work given should be done with trust. Do not take what belongs to others. Cooperatives can sustain and progress because they always make profit,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the cooperative, Juhari Bulat, said the cooperative had generated profits that had enabled the members to enjoy a 10 per cent dividend annually over the past 30 years.


Juhari, who is the state assemblyman for Ayer Hangat, said the cooperative planned to venture into resort entrepreneurship after having successfully run a petrol kiosk, premix plant, hotel and motorcycle shop.

Source: The Malay Mail Online

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