Mahathir is out of sync wit today’s youth

The Malaysian Observer

The fact that Tun Mahathir cannot attract the youth to events only highlights that fact that he is not in sync with them.

He is like that character in the Austin Power’s movie whose thinking is stuck in the pass.

In a couple of the scenes in the Mike Myers movie Austin Powers; the villain Dr. Evil who has been away for many years is trying to be relevant in modern society.  In one of the iconic scenes he tells his cohorts that they hold the world for ransom unless he receives $1Million dollars.  His right hand man informs him that in today’s world one million dollars is nothing.  He probably should have asked for RM1Billion.

A person like Tun Dr Mahathir has a serious problem when they are stuck in the past and still believes that he wields power;  a check book possibly, but not power.

He is still trying to manoeuvre politically like he did during his two (2) decades in office. Therefore,  it must come as a shock to him when he goes to an event and sees pretty much the same faces that are always in attendance.

Mahathir has become one of those preachers who only preaches to the choir and the already converted; and even with that he is starting to put all but the completely brainwashed to sleep as his only sermon for the last few years is 1MDB.

The younger potential voters are quite different; they have not fallen for all the lies that Tun Mahathir, Clare Rewcastle Brown (Sarawak Report) , Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led Pakatan opposition have spun around 1MDB.

The youth can see that those at the forefront of the campaign to oust the Prime Minister are doing so because of their ambitions under the pretense of ‘Saving Malaysia’.


That is one of the reasons why the younger crowds by and large do not flock and fawn over Tun Mahathir; they can see the hypocrisy running throughout the so called clean DAP-led coalition.

There is also the fact that Mahathir does not seem to have any relevancy to today’s youth other than being a former Prime Minister; which is explains their absence last week at the ‘Love Malaysia End Kleptocracy’ rally.

That is where Mukhriz Mahathir has failed his father.

Mukhriz should have shown his worth by getting the youth out and by serving as bridge where his father (Tun Mahathir) and the youth to come together.

But then again, who are we kidding.  The only bridging that Mukhriz would ever be interested in doing is his father’s crooked bridge to Singapore.

So DAP-led Pakatan has in its corner Tun Mahathir from yesterday who is still campaigning as if it were yesterday; and still not realizing that his thinking has no relevance to today’s younger voting demographic.

He is like the character in Mike Myer’s Austin Powers movie who thought he could hold the world for ransom for a mere one million dollars.

Thanks to Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) of Malaysia Today; Malaysia’s youth now know now today the price tag to get what you want in politics is RM1 Billion; but while that money may secure ‘positions’; it does not included their vote.  For Mahathir to believe otherwise would only reinforce the fact that he is not in sync with today’s youth!

Source: The Malaysian Observer



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