Mahathir needs govt protection

Lim Sian See

Although there is no confirmation from the govt that Mahathir’s UTK bodyguard services have been withdrawn, my opinion is that it shouldn’t.

As a former Prime Minister, he is entitled to protection. Who knows what kind of deranged persons he may have angered when he was in charge for 22 years?

Although his billionaire sons (including Mokhzani who is currently selling a RM900mil block of his shares) can afford private protection (and maids/personal cook) for him, official police protection is the best.

Even the USA presidents enjoy protection services for life after they retire.

Therefore if true, the government should re-instate back official protection services to Tun Mahathir immediately.

However, if it is not true then we should whack Mahathir for wayang – just like the wayang he pulled for his maid and personal cook.

Source: Lim Sian See