Mahathir once used EPF to cover his disaster by playing the tin market

Mahathir should be the last person on earth to talk about EPF’s money when he abused EPF’s money to gamble on the tin market in the early 1980s, just like how he gambled on the forex market from 1988-1992 (and lost both times). Much has already been written about this Maminco scandal, which you can read below. Mahathir had been using EPF as his personal piggy bank to cover losses, financial scandals, and disasters due to his various misadventures and bad decisions. Billions have been lost and EPF was used to pay for these losses. And Mahathir paid approximately US$10 million to get to meet President Bush in 2002.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is what they would call a loose cannon. This is how the English dictionary defines a loose canon: “A cannon that breaks loose from its moorings on a ship during battle or storm, which has the potential to cause serious damage to the ship and its crew. (idiomatic, by extension) An uncontrolled or unpredictable person who causes damage to their own team, faction, political party, etc.”

Yes, that would make Mahathir Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s best weapon. The longer Mahathir stays in the opposition and the more he talks the more damage he causes to Pakatan Harapan. And that was the very reason why Mukhriz was sacked as the Kedah Menteri Besar. Najib knew that this would cause Mahathir to merajuk and he would, yet again, like in 2008, resign from Umno and, yet again, he would rush into the waiting arms of Lim Kit Siang and Pakatan Harapan.

It was a brilliant move by Najib to get rid of Mahathir without the need of sacking him from the party (which would only allow Mahathir ‘sympathy votes’). This way Najib does not ‘kill’ Mahathir but the old man commits harakiri or political suicide. This shows one must be very careful with enemies, like Najib, who are gentle, speak softly and smile. They can be more bisa (poisonous) than people who scream and shout, like those in Pakatan Harapan.

The trouble with Mahathir is the more he screams and shouts the more he puts his foot in his mouth. And Pakatan Harapan is facing a giant dilemma on how to repair the serious damage which Mahathir is doing to the opposition.


For example, Pakatan talks about Najib employing a lobby firm to arrange his meeting with President Donald Trump whereas Mahathir himself paid approximately US$10 million to meet President Bush in May 2002 — and until today he never rebutted this allegation. And, as Mahathir himself is fond of saying, if you cannot prove your innocence that means you are guilty.

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Did Mahathir pay US$1.6m to meet Bush?” asked The Age of Australia in February 2006 (READ HERE). Worse still, the money was channeled to a bogus organisation so that Mahathir could hide the payment. This is what the report said:

The Malaysian payments were made to the American International Centre, a bogus “international think tank” that an Abramoff partner, Michael Scanlon, set up at a Delaware beach house. By routing the money in that way, Abramoff avoided having to register with the Justice Department as an agent of a foreign government.

After Dr Mahathir’s White House meeting, a former associate said, Abramoff was invited to a dinner honouring the Prime Minister at the Malaysian embassy. At least one other Washington lobbying firm — Alexander Strategies, run by an Abramoff friend — was also compensated during this period for helping boost Malaysia’s reputation in Washington.




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