Mahathir remains PM, but PH to lose Perak, Kedah?

Another Brick in the Wall

Malay Mail Online, Zainal Epi titled his latest piece accurately, “With things much changed since, can Tok Mat keep Rantau in a contest?

The post-Semenyih political development is going at rapid speed that it is difficult to forecast the possible direction and more so, the outcome of Rantau by-election, in which EC announced nomination on March 30th and polling for April 13th.

Yesterday’s meeting between Dato Anifah Aman and Tun Dr Mahathir, and statement by UMNO’s Deputy and Acting President, Dato Mohamad Hasan after the UMNO – PAS meeting at PWTC ended Anwar Ibrahim’s hope of toppling Mahathir.

A day earlier, MCA and MIC jointly held a meeting and press conference to express intention to seek a different political alliance.

It seemed an overreaction to media misquote of Dato’ Nazri Aziz’s comment on vernacular schools.

But, most commentator felt it is more of their discomfort with the cooperation UMNO and PAS.

Nazri has expressed his stand. He will not resign but leave it to BN Council to sack him.

Nevertheless, it’s too premature to comment further as the possibilities are endless. More development awaits.

Impact of UMNO-PAS marriage

The marriage between UMNO and PAS certainly have an impact on the national political landscape.

Maybe it will not change the federal government yet, but the move certainly could see 30 parliamentary seat held by PH fall to the UMNO-PAS coalition.

That would take the next GE to happen, but in the short term, one could be seeing the fall of Perak PH government.

The message below have been viralling since the Semenyih BN win.

🛑 State government changing hands with UMNO and PAS combine?

🛑 Dun Kedah

PH 18

BN 3
Pas 15

Possible change of hand.

🛑 Dun Perak

History may repeat!

PH 29

BN 27
Pas 3
Pas+BN= 30

BN will rule Perak if UMNO and PAS coalesce totally. 🙄