Mahathir, the unsatisfied old man of Malaysian politics

Anak Tanah Melayu

1. Call him with whatever names you deem fit, Mahathir will never mend his ways.

2. Once he was labelled as Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia (BAPA KRONISME MALAYSIA would be more appropriate) but looking through his credentials as the Prime Minister, there is nothing much to shout about.

3. Mahathir’s secret rise to the top is very simple. At the height of uncertainty after the independence, where political struggles were based on the survival of different races, Mahahtir took full advantage of the Malays’ sentiment to safeguard their interest. Mahathir knew that in order to be successful and be ‘accepted’ he needed to look like an ultra Malay and be the champion to the Malay cause. Unfortunately Mahahtir was never one. He had taken the Malays for a ride. He never cared for the Malays except his children.

4. Under Mahathir’s leadership, the promises to bring about changes towards Malays’ lack of economic involvement never took shape. Mahathir was more concerned in making his children super rich and keeping himself in power.

5. Under Mahathir’s regime the tension between the Malays and Chinese became apparent. While the Chinese think Malays were given so much privileges under Mahathir, the Malays think otherwise. Not much came their way except pittance. The Malays are still at the same place where they had started. The bulk went into the coffers of Mahathir’s children and cronies, including his non-Malay friends.

6. Mahathir decided to ‘retire’ from retirement and decided to embark on a crusade to again come to rescue his ailing children and cronies under the pretext of saving Malaysia. Again he got everybody fooled, including the Chinese.

7. While the Chinese are rejoicing their victory in the 14th General Election (GE14), the Malays again become the victim. The Chinese think that Mahathir is into reforms but Mahathir is never a reformist. He is only an opportunist.

8. The Malays will soon realise that they have been fooled and when that time comes, the honeymoon will be over.

Source: Ellis Shepard Anderson