Mahathir uses Sad-Dick to attack PM’s psywar brains

And that was the reason for Sad-Dick’s press conference yesterday. It was an assassination attempt, but a failed one at that. They wanted to assassinate HR by accusing him to trying to buy Sad-Dick for RM5 million, together with the RM400,000 Oxford scholarship thrown in and a budget for Sad-Dick to organise debate schools all over Malaysia. And it was supposed to be this HR who organised yesterday’s press conference and who wrote the script for Sad-Dick to read out.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Today, SeaDemon Says wrote a very concise and precise blog posting titled ‘Syed Sadstory’ (READ HERE). There is actually very little more to say after what SeaDemon Says has revealed. Basically, SeaDemon Says revealed that Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman’s press conference yesterday was a False Flag Operation.

A False Flag Operation is an operation conducted by one party and made to appear as though it was sponsored by another party. An example would be when Pakatan supporters dress up in red T-shirts and start creating chaos so that Jamal Yunos can be blamed for it. That would be called a False Flag Operation.

This comes under the ambit of Black Ops but then to do Black Ops and arrange a False Flag Operation you have to be clever. People like Syed Akbar Ali, Kadir Jasin and Sanusi Junid who Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has on his team just do not have the right grey matter to do something like this. And that was why Syed Saddiq a.k.a. Sad-Dick was caught with his pants down yesterday.

Sad-Dick admitted that he was not behind the whole thing and that it was planned by someone else. In fact, even the script he was supposed to read had been written by someone else. He was just the actor playing the part of a role that had been decided for him and reading from a script that had been written for him.

Sad-Dick may be an idiot but at least he is an honest idiot so we must give him credit for that. Or is he too much of an idiot to realise that his confession has damaged beyond repair that False Flag Operation?


What SeaDemon Says revealed regarding the letter from Oxford offering Sad-Dick the RM400,000 scholarship as being fake is one thing. The main point is why even the need for this False Flag Operation? What were they trying to achieve? And they must be under tremendous pressure to plan something like this and then bungle it big-time on top of that.

What they were trying to achieve is very clear and we had already talked about it on 21st July 2015 in this article: HR, The Prime Minister’s Boffin Boy (READ HERE). Amongst some of the things we said in that article were:

Since January this year (2015) there has been murmurings of a certain person whom I would categorise as within the ranks of a Boffin Boy operating outside the corridors of power but within the sphere of power. The fact that he operates outside the corridors of power but within the sphere of power has given him a mystique that probably no other has achieved thus far.

HR is said to be someone very focused. He focuses on one thing and only one thing and does not allow himself to be distracted by any side issues, never mind how important you may think these side issues are.

He is also said to be like a dog with a bone. Once he gets his teeth into something he never lets go until the job is completed, and successfully, too. The pro-Mahathir-anti-Najib team has targeted him for assassination, character assassination, of course, and over the last few days they have been attacking HR like there is no tomorrow.

Anyway, the order from the ranks of the pro-Mahathir-anti-Najib team is ‘Get HR!’ But how do you get a man you can hardly see and who is like a ghost in the shadows? You cannot kill an invisible target, can you? Well, let us see how the 1MDB issue plays out these next few months. Talk within the corridors of power is that once HR hits the button to launch his Scud missile, Dr Mahathir is going to be made to eat humble pie.

Yes, this was what Sad-Dick’s press conference yesterday was all about. For almost three years since January 2015, the man mentioned in that 21st July 2015 article, Habibul Rahman Kadir Shah a.k.a. ‘HR’, has successfully thwarted every move that Mahathir made. He nipped in the bud the July 2015 coup in the Cabinet, the October 2015 coup in Parliament and the December 2015 coup at the Umno Annual Assembly. Three coups in a row over six months and HR neutralised them all.

In 2015 Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was under tremendous attacks and he was supposed to no longer celebrate New Year’s Day 2016 in Putrajaya. But he survived and 2016 was the year that the tables turned and now it was Mahathir’s and his team’s turn to get hit. The first victim was Mukhriz and hereafter HR took down Mahathir’s people one-by-one, each with a bullet between the eyes.

Mahathir spent US$5 million to buy three press conferences by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ). The first was in July 2016 and the second in June this year. The third was supposed to be held just before the next general election but now that is not going to happen. So the so-called investigation by the US on supposedly MO1 is a dead duck. In fact, they don’t even dare mention Najib’s name but instead use the code MO1 because they do not have any evidence and would be open to a legal suit if they name Najib.




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