Mahathir vs Anwar: Dear Malaysians, please read this. It’s important [videos inside]

“Does speaking the truth amount to me supporting Mahathir? Was the fake SD-expose not enough to tell you that the mission had all along been to cripple the DAP? Do you only want me to tell you what you like to hear or would you like me to tell you the bitter truth every once in a while? You make the choice, then come back to me. If you have more questions you want answered, leave them in the comment section below, as there’s no telling how much longer I’ll be around. But wise up, and be objective”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

Many people like it when I talk about politics. But many are not ready to accept realities and often want me to tell them what they like to hear. So, if you’re willing to set aside your emotions and think objectively, this article is meant for you. If you’re the type who prefers me to tell you that the sky is purple, it’s best that you seek alternatives. Now that I have that covered, let us dive into some frequently asked questions regarding the political goings on and possibilities for the near future.

Will Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim ever become Prime Minister?

Not a cat in hell’s chance, no.

And turning him into one will probably be the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. Fact is, Anwar has agreed to turn a senior DAP politician into his deputy in the event he does become Prime Minister. He also promised key government positions to several other DAP politicians, all of whom will end up having a much bigger say on what the Malay-Muslims and Bumiputras can and cannot do. Seriously, you’d be much better off with the devil as Prime Minister than Anwar Ibrahim.

Can Anwar collapse government?

Following the publication of two fake Statutory Declarations purportedly ‘signed’ by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, 55 Members of Parliament (MPs) quietly signed retraction SDs stating reasons they no longer believed in Anwar. These MPs were pissed as hell that the fake SDs existed and may even have been conned into signing documents supporting Anwar using these SDs.

This is discounting, of course, the 35 or so MPs who prepared SDs just to protect themselves. It is feared that the fake SDs were used by Anwar’s confidantes as ‘proof’ to convince MPs aligned to certain BN and PH leaders that these leaders supported Anwar. And it’s true – these leaders did support Anwar, though the expression of support was never in writing. The plan may also have been to cheat the Yang di-Pertuan Agong by bundling together fake and genuine SDs to bring the total to 149.

Anyway, that was Plan A.

Now that the plan is flat on its face, Anwar’s men have been in discussions with people linked to two very senior UMNO leaders on ways to collapse government. One of the ways suggested was for Anwar to usher 35 MPs out of Pakatan Harapan and into a surrogate party belonging to certain Barisan Nasional leaders. The two UMNO leaders have been giving MPs the impression that PAS will support the move and will align itself with the surrogate party.

That’s a lie.


Fact is, not only is PAS dead against Anwar or anyone seen associated with the PKR president, several of the party’s MPs are not too pleased with the goings on within the opposition front. I tend to agree with Gerakan Bangsa Nasional (GBN) co-chaiman Rosdzaman Dato’ Mohd Yusup, who pointed out last Friday that talks of Malay-Muslim unification only seem to surface whenever Malay political entities find themselves in predicaments. As it is, PAS and UMNO are only talking about PAS and UMNO, while PPBM, PKR and AMANAH are no better.

It’s all too hypocritical. It’s all too political.

Notwithstanding, the long and short of it is this – Anwar has a Plan B, and it will not succeed. As of today, I have communicated with over 30 MPs from both sides of the divide (10 of which signed “self-protection” SDs), all of whom explained why Anwar will never be able to collapse government. Apparently, the majority of MPs may be nodding their heads at him just to appease him but are genuinely concerned about his conniving and manipulative ways. They do not for a moment believe that he can establish a new government with BN and keep referring to his 16th of September 2008 fabrication as a case in example.

As a matter of fact, the majority of MPs from PH are reluctant to steer away from their comfort zones. Many of them get fat salaries just by being MPs, while a sizeable number are in charge of several associations, corporations and clubs. They are well aware that the DAP cannot partake in Plan B as PAS will most certainly ditch UMNO if that were to happen. They also know that PAS is completely supportive of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s government and want to see the Prime Minister complete a full term.

So no, Anwar will never be able to collapse government or become Prime Minister.

Will Barisan Nasional return to power should the General Election be held tomorrow?


And I dare debate any BN leader who thinks otherwise. The Chinese swing towards PH reached its maximum during the 14th general election. These are votes the MCA can dream of regaining in the immediate future as the party has yet to prove its mettle. Now that everyone has agreed to lower the voting age to 18, the 15th general election will effectively become a “youth election.” Like it or not, close to 50% of the voting population would comprise those aged between 18 and 40. That’s going to be a huge problem for BN as the youth is more liberal and open to liberal policies.

Sure, you can tell me that BN did well in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih. But BN also did well in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar ahead of the 14th general election and witnessed a near 30 per cent swing in the Chinese pendulum towards the MCA. But that did not translate into a bigger majority for the MCA during GE14, did it? Say what you may, but the fact is, voters have become much wiser and have learnt to use by-elections as platforms to vent their frustrations at the people they really care about.

For example, if the Chinese really care about the DAP and see that its leaders are faltering, they may use by-elections to teach those leaders a lesson. They know that a by-election isn’t likely to change the overall mandate for PH and can afford to mess around with outcomes. But when it comes to a general election, the question of who is most suited to lead the country comes into the picture, as we’re talking about “who gets to tell us what to do for the next five years.”

During GE14, the MCA got watered down.

But aren’t the Malays pissed with the DAP?

And you thought Sabah and Sarawak voters will return to BN because of that?

In the first place, there is hardly anything PAS can offer BN when it comes to the Borneo states as voters there are not too keen on the Islamic party. In the second place, Sandakan Muslims too were pissed with the DAP but gave its candidate more votes during the recent by-election. You may say that the swing was due to the dollars the DAP scattered around the district in truckloads. But that’s just you being a spoilt-sport, as BN too threw truckloads of dollars during GE14 but lost the battle anyway.

Without Sabah and Sarawak, BN will get nowhere. Johor is likely to remain with PPBM come hell or high water, while Penang will most certainly stay with the DAP. It is unlikely that BN can ever hope to recapture Perak if word on the ground is anything to go by. While I am Dato’ Seri Haji Abdul Hadi Awang’s number one fan and think that he’s the most consistent leader we’ve seen to date, don’t come and tell me that his presence will bring Penang, Johor, Perak and Selangor back to BN. And what about Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali’s sex scandal?

Well, just think of the Mat Sabu-Zaza g-string scandal, then come back and tell me that it cost Sabu votes during GE14. Like I said, we have a different set of voters with different sensibilities, nothing like we’ve ever seen before. We neither have the data not experience to anticipate these kind of sensibilities and will be wrong to assume things the way we did prior to GE14. Actually, this is something I told Ronnie Klassen way back in March 2018 when he asked me about BN’s chances of winning the general election (see videos below, then continue with article).

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What about the Statute of Rome and ICERD?

Yes, what about them?

Many tell me that voters will punish PH for trying to shove these declarations down their throats. They forget, that PH did go on record to retract its commitment towards these documents, while BN was known to be a tough nut to crack and would rarely budge on anything. Would that not make for great campaign propaganda? Would the liberal, social-media-dependent youth not prefer “a brand new coalition that isn’t perfect but is mouldable and willing to give and take” as opposed to “a 60-plus year old grouping of ancient dinosaurs that used to think a helluva lot about themselves?”

What is Barisan Nasional lacking?

BN has failed miserably at rebranding itself. I am as frustrated as some right thinking Malaysians are and feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands who actually believe that BN can return tomorrow. The two senior leaders I spoke about – the ones colluding with Anwar – are well aware that if Anwar becomes PM, the DAP will be in full control. If BN is truly as strong as it says it is, why support Anwar? Are these leaders not aware that Anwar will burry BN once and for all and turn his PKR and the DAP into the next UMNO-MCA tag team?

BN leaders are too obsessed with toppling Mahathir and entering the government through the backdoor. Many are using the coalition as a platform to exact revenge on the old man and have ceased functioning as credible oppositionists. As a result, their ‘strategies’ are failing miserably. You currently have key BN leaders being surrounded by so-called Mavericks who think they have the game plan figured out but haven’t. It’s quite a sorry state these buggers are in.

You support Mahathir?

That’s a stupid question to ask.

Does speaking the truth amount to me supporting Mahathir? Was the fake SD-expose not enough to tell you that the mission has all along been to cripple the DAP? Do you only want me to tell you what you like to hear or would you like me to tell you the bitter truth every once in a while? You make the choice, then come back to me. If you have more questions you want answered, leave them in the comment section below, as there’s no telling how much longer I’ll be around.

But wise up, and be objective.

Does UMNO have any hope?

If I were to comment about UMNO leaders, people will say I’m interfering in the party’s affairs. Actually, there is some truth to this, because I myself lead a Muslim based organization and shouldn’t interfere in UMNO’s affairs. So, all I can say is this – UMNO is as big a wreck as PPBM is. At least, the latter has a Prime Minister on board. UMNO, on the other hand, is like a horse-cart being pulled by five horses, each pulling the cart in a different direction.

And if UMNO doesn’t rectify the problem in the next few days, the party is as good as gone.

What are your hopes for Malaysians?

I love you all so very much. I feel for you, I care for you. Whatever it is, whichever side you’re on, keep your eyes open and be objective. As long as you’re objective, you’ll be fine. My thoughts and prayers will forever be with you, wherever I am.

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