Mahathir wants me arrested “by hook or by crook”

TTF: The DAP’s sudden aversion to attempts by members of government to contravene the Pakatan Harapan manifesto (see news item below) smacks not just of hypocrisy, but conspiracy.

It has been brought to my attention that Lim Kit Siang convened a high-level meeting earlier today with several DAP leaders, including Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke, to discuss Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s premiership and how it may be jeopardising Pakatan’s chances of retaining government. 

Mahathir is anticipated to call for the dissolution of Parliament by or before the 31st of May 2020.

The Prime Minister has committed to stage mass arrests by or before November this year to incarcerate Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Dato’ Lokman Adam and myself, among others.

A well-placed source from Mahathir’s camp has presented me with irrefutable evidence suggesting that I will be charged with sedition on five counts.

Lokman, on the other hand, will be charged with illegal assembly and “threatening peace and harmony.”

Mahathir is of the opinion that I am a rebel capable of triggering a revolution owing to my associations with certain American nationals.

He has given strict instructions that the charges against me be made non-bailable so as to keep me behind bars until the 2020 general election.

He has notified a certain intelligence officer that “its better to be safe than to be sorry,” meaning, I have been classified as a threat to his administration.

I am not sure if Kit Siang is aware of all this.

I am, however, sure that the DAP stalwart has regrets about making Mahathir Prime Minister and wants him out as soon as possible. 

Now that his son has been acquitted of corruption charges by the Penang High Court, there is nothing stopping him from executing a plan of action to jeopardise Mahathir’s leadership.

He and his men have undertaken to go for Maszlee’s jugular as a first stage measure over the later’s decision to accept the post of president of International Islamic University (IIUM).

Ironically, Kit Siang was not concerned back when Mahathir first ‘appointed himself’ as Minister of Education despite it being contrary to a manifesto pledge.

As a matter of fact, the senior Lim even defended Mahathir by dictating that the latte’s decision “does not violate the letter and spirit of Pakatan Harapan manifesto” even though the said manifesto appeared to state otherwise.

Pakatan’s manifesto was clear on the point that no one person could hold two ministerial portfolios.

Kit Siang defended Mahathir despite the latter already being Prime Minister and, going by the manifesto, not being eligible for the post of Education Minister.

Back then, the senior Lim needed his son to be freed from corruption charges and was willing to defend Mahathir to kingdom come.

But now that his son is a free man, he want’s Mahathir to step down as Prime Minister even if it means going at him in public.

The DAP has decided to take an indirect approach first.

Kit Siang and gang will oppose anything that is deemed contradictory to the Pakatan manifesto in hopes that the Mahathir regime is crippled.

Once he is sure the rakyat has turned against Mahathir, he will launch an out and out attack against Mahathir together with Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in a bid to turn him (Anwar) into Prime Minister.

Anwar seems to have agreed to the plan, though rumours are rife that he will oppose Mahathir together with the senior Lim from outside Pakatan Harapan.

PETALING JAYA: Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik’s decision to accept the post of president of International Islamic University (IIUM) has drawn flak from Barisan Nasional as well as Pakatan Harapan parties.

Kepala Batas MP Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said Dr Maszlee should review his decision to take up the position at the public university, while Kampung Tunku state assemblywoman Lim Yi Wei of the DAP urged him to reject his new appointment, stating that it was a “clear conflict of interest”.

Reezal Merican said the current minister had promised not to become involved in university administration, even if his role as president was non-executive.

“This appointment seems to contradict his commitment and determination to entirely liberate universities from political interference,” said the Umno politician in a statement Wednesday.

The Pakatan Harapan election manifesto had promised to restore academic freedom at institutions of higher education.

Reezal Merican stressed that it was unacceptable for a minister to “deceive the public” and go against the promises he has made to them.

On Tuesday (Sept 4), IIUM’s Academic Staff Association congratulated Dr Maszlee on his appointment as the seventh president of the university on its official Facebook page.

An unofficial Twitter account, @IIUMOnline, also congratulated the Education Minister.

However, there have not been further updates since on any of the university’s official social media channels or website.

According to Reezal Merican, Dr Maszlee was already heading a large ministry portfolio, which required a lot of time and commitment.

He added that being the president of IIUM, even if it was a “non-operational” position, will also require time and dedication that should be taken on by another, more qualified candidate.

“IIUM has enough credible candidates to fill the presidential post.

“Dr Maszlee has the potential to bring reform to the national education system – if he does not make the mistake of taking on additional responsibilities,” he said.

The rakyat, he added, want ministers who stick to their promise of change.

Meanwhile, the DAP’s Lim quoted Dr Maszlee from an interview back in June when he resolved to never “misuse universities for political interests” and promised universities full autonomy and academic freedom.

“As an academic, Dr Maszlee holds the right credentials for the post (but) as the highest-ranked politician in the Education Ministry, holding the highest position in a university is a clear conflict of interest,” she said.

His recent appointment cast doubt on this promise, she added.

She also said that if Dr Maszlee refuses to relinquish his new role, he would be disappointing the students who voted for Pakatan Harapan in hopes of restoring academic freedom in the country.

“We should not be breaking our manifesto by using loopholes,” Lim said.

The Star has reached out to Dr Maszlee for his comments, and is awaiting a response.

Source: The Star Online

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