Mahathir’s most puzzling confession

Salleh Said Keruak

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest confession is most puzzling and contradicts what had been revealed in court 20 years ago. First of all, when it was revealed that Anwar Ibrahim had a ‘black eye’, Mahathir said most likely Anwar Ibrahim punched his own face. When it was finally revealed that the IGP had punched Anwar, Mahathir did not offer any apology or retract his allegation that Anwar had punched his own face.

Tun Hanif Omar then revealed that Mahathir had sent him to meet Anwar to advise Anwar that the police were aware of his sexual misconduct and other activities and that he should stop before it becomes public knowledge. Anwar never denied this meeting but said the meeting was about Hanif’s chairmanship of Genting and not about his sexual activities. This means Mahathir knew about Anwar’s activities long before August 1998 and he had sent Hanif to meet Anwar to discuss the matter.

If Mahathir thinks he can change history then he is badly mistaken. Everything that happened since 1997 is well documented mainly because of the Internet. Mahathir had 20 years to set the record straight if what had been reported is wrong. It is now too late to change history. Furthermore, all this talk about GE14 being the dirtiest election in history sounds like Pakatan Harapan knows they are not going to win so they are lining up an excuse to explain why they lost. They did this in GE13 and it was later proven that all the allegations of Bangladeshi voters and power failures were false.


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