Mahathir’s RM160 billion banking empire

That’s right. Mahathir’s and Daim’s combined-wealth of RM160 billion was used to acquire more than 50 banks all over the world and it has grown to RM200 billion. And what is even more interesting is Kit Siang knows about this, even though he says nothing — which is why Kit Siang knows he could demand RM1 billion from Mahathir and the old man would pay up to buy those four ‘favours’.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

On claims by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) that Dr Mahathir had used RM1 billion to buy Lim (Kit Siang) over, the former prime minister shot back by saying RPK should come clean and explain how he (Mahathir) had gotten the money. “If he (RPK) ‘saw’ that I have RM1 billion, then he can also see through a 10-foot thick wall,” said Mahathir. (The Malaysian Insight)

That was what The Malaysian Insight reported today. Malaysiakini, in turn, reported the same thing in a bit more detail, which you can read below.

My response to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a quote from Euripides: “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”

Nowadays Mahathir talks like a small child. There is no logic or rationality in what he says and how he says it. He thinks he is being sarcastic but in reality he is being downright silly. But then this is vintage Mahathir even back in the days when he was Prime Minister. Ask him a question he cannot reply and he will cakap mengarut (talk nonsense).

Mahathir may be a medical doctor but he is definitely no scholar. If this were a debate even a wet-behind-the-ears punk like Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman will be able to beat Mahathir flat. Mahathir should stop answering questions by answering the question with a question. Just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Why pusing here pusing there without answering the question?


RPK should come clean and explain how I had gotten the money. If RPK ‘saw’ that I have RM1 billion, then he can also see through a 10-foot thick wall. If I have RM1 billion, I would build a mansion and not live in an ordinary house. Don’t ask me where I got the RM1 billion from, ask Raja Petra. Perhaps the answer is an Arab donor. If Raja Petra knows that I gave Kit Siang RM1 billion, surely he knows where I got the money from. What is common knowledge is where Raja Petra gets his money from.

Exactly 100 words from Mahathir’s mouth. But did he utter the most important words of all:

“I categorically deny Lim Kit Siang demanded I pay him RM1 billion and I agreed to pay for him RM1 billion so that:

  1. He will agree to PPBM joining Pakatan Harapan.
  2. He will make me Pakatan Harapan’s Chairman.
  3. He will not reveal what he knows about Bank Negara’s RM31.5 billion losses suffered gambling on the forex market from 1988 to 1992 when he testifies at the RCI.
  4. Mukhriz will be given a safe seat to contest the next general election, a seat which DAP can tell the voters who to vote for.”

All Mahathir said was he does not have RM1 billion and that his salary over 22 years does not come to RM1 billion. Did we say he paid Kit Siang RM1 billion from his salary? Did we say he personally signed a cheque for RM1 billion? Did we say he carried RM1 billion in cash in hundreds of suitcases to hand it to Kit Siang? Did we say his proxies, nominees and cronies who are holding his billions for him did not pay Kit Siang the RM1 billion on his behalf and on his instructions?

Go ask Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. Mahathir also pays him a lot of money. But Mahathir never personally hands over the money. He gets a Chinese towkay to pay Ibrahim Ali. The same with Husam Musa. Mahathir also pays him a lot of money. But it is a Chinese towkay who pays Husam on Mahathir’s behalf. That is the way Mahathir does things. His hands will always be clean. He never gets his hands dirty but uses proxies, nominees and cronies to do his dirty work.

Mahathir’s first line of defence is his salary does not come to RM1 billion. His second line of defence is he lives in an ‘ordinary’ house (in Mines) and if he had RM1 billion he would live in a mansion.

We did not say Mahathir has RM1 billion. We said he paid Kit Siang RM1 billion. Mahathir has RM100 billion, not merely RM1 billion. So why does Mahathir keep saying he does not have RM1 billion?




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