Malaysia is proving to be heading in the right direction

Salleh Said Keruak

This week, forty-three World Trade Organisation members commended Malaysia for its impressive economic achievement, prudent trade and economic policies. Malaysia was also commended for actively pursuing trade openness through unilateral reforms, regional and bilateral trade arrangements and multilateral rule-making. The members also recognised that Malaysia’s successful diversification of its economy and economic reforms had contributed to continued growth despite external challenges.

Economic reforms are not easy and can never be done on a short-term basis. It requires resilience and sometimes unpopular policies to achieve the long-term objectives, especially when trying to undo the damage caused in the past. The international community, however, recognises Malaysia’s achievements and can see that the country is heading in the right direction.

Too often the issue of Malaysia’s economic progress is being politicised and the people are being told the opposite of what is really happening. The opposition keeps repeating the lies about Malaysia going bankrupt but international reports have proven this is not true. It is time the opposition accept the fact that Malaysia is doing well and that the government policies are working.