MCA may be branding itself as the next DAP

On the 10th of October 2018, I wrote:

The MCA fails to realise, that as long as UMNO has not officially declared PAS to be its working partner, it is none of the MCA’s business.

Furthermore, the MCA itself has demonstrated its willingness to stand alongside the DAP against UMNO whenever it concerns Islam or Syariah laws.

Despite the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355) being a matter of concern for Muslims only, the MCA deliberately ignored tenets to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia when it referred to attempts by UMNO to amend it as “a violation of human rights” and “being against the spirit of the constitution.”

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia is clear on the duality of law and the right for non-Muslims to profess any religion they wish.

UMNO’s decision to support PAS on the amendment was to unite the ummah and was in no way a contradiction to the spirit of cooperation subscribed to by Barisan Nasional parties.

The MCA should have deliberated on the matter first with UMNO and refrained from going public with it.

But the fact that it did go public cost the party Malay support and may even have cost Barisan Nasional parliamentary seats.

The Malays have long viewed the MCA to be a DAP ally and have grown tired with its antics.

Since 2008, several MCA life members actively sabotaged Barisan National and were even in cahoots with the DAP to wrestle Penang from Barisan.

Yet, despite having garnered only one parliamentary seat during the 14th general election (GE14), the MCA had the cheek to suggest that UMNO be thrown out of Barisan.

MCA presidential candidate Gan Ping Sieu pledged today to immediately bring the MCA out of Barisan Nasional or seek for the coalition’s dissolution if he is elected party president (see news item below).

According to him, it would be better for the MCA to be independent as UMNO had abandoned BN’s principles when chose to forge ties with PAS.

If indeed that is his contention, and going by the arguments I put forth above, I pledge to work towards raising awareness among Muslims of the MCA’s anti-Islamic bent assuming Gan wins the presidential election.

I have a hunch, that the MCA is attempting to rebrand itself as the next DAP after witnessing how the Pakatan component party made strides during the 14th general election despite it radiating an anti-Islamic aura.

KUALA LUMPUR: Gan Ping Sieu has pledged to immediately bring MCA out of Barisan Nasional, or seek for the coalition’s dissolution if he is elected as the party president in its elections.

He believed MCA would be better off as an independent party, saying that BN has abandoned the principles of its original struggle when its component party, Umno, forged a cooperation with Pas.

The Kluang MCA chief, who is contesting the MCA presidency, said Umno’s move has cost MCA dearly as the latter has lost the support of the voters, especially the Chinese community. He said, to add salt to the wound, even Umno leaders appear to be welcoming the cooperation.

“As of now, MCA president (Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai) and his deputy (Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong) had said that BN is no longer relevant, and that MCA is seeking to forge its own path.

“If that is the case, then it is best if MCA leaves BN and becomes independent in order to obtain the support of the Chinese voters.

“I ask the MCA grassroots to view the contest between Wee and my deputy (Dr Mah Hang Soon) as a referendum.

“If you express support for my team, we will regard it as a decision by the grassroots to leave BN or ask for BN to be dissolved,” he told a press conference after announcing his election manifesto on Monday.

MCA’s party elections will be held on Nov 4.

Earlier, Gan and Johor MCA deputy chairman, Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, who is also contesting the deputy presidency, had launched their manifesto which contains three reform thrusts and 15 initiatives.


Apart from splitting from BN, they also want the party president and deputy to contest in Chinese-majority areas and renew the party’s focus on the Chinese community.

‘MCA’s principles is one based on moderation, racial harmony, upholding the Federal Constitution, defending a secular government administration as well as equal rights for all.

“But Umno, our allies in BN, betrayed the founding principles when it chose to work closely with Pas, which does not share the same ideology.

“Before this, MCA had claimed that DAP was bereft of principles for working with Pas. We had admonished them in the past, only to see our allies cooperate with Pas.

“This has led to an erosion of trust in MCA. The main reason behind our aim to leave BN or calling for its dissolution is based on principles, not because of the needs and wants of certain leaders,” he said.

The manifesto also touched on new ideas on managing the party’s assets and its organisational structure.

On the party’s asset management, Gan said it has to be done in a transparent manner and closely monitored, with central representatives given the authority to question on assets and returns during its general assembly.

The manifesto also aims to see a restructuring of party revenue so that it can be channeled for its political activities such as by providing allocations for its Wanita and Youth wings.

Source: NST Online



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