MCA slams Guan Eng’s ‘double talk’ on Taliban

“What is DAP’s stand on Talibanese speeches now?” MCA publicity spokesman Ti Lian Ker wants to know.

The DAP douchebags are happy to collect even ‘Taliban’ votes, says MCA. Anything for the sake of gaining power.

“DAP’s Penang state government is desperately bending backwards to fish for Talibanese votes now that PAS has abandoned them,” Ti said yesterday.

How many times will Chinese have to pay for Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng’s unprincipled political gambles, the MCA muses. ‘Enough is enough’ crap from the Lim dynasty.

It wasn’t too long ago that Kit Siang had asked the Chinese to throw caution to the wind and vote PAS in the name of ending racial politics, Ti reminded the community recently.

But once again the chameleon Kit Siang can so blithely ubah his tune by asking the Chinese to take a leap of faith and vote for Tun Mahathir’s PPBM, said Ti. It is indeed an act of foolhardiness to pin high hopes on a new Malay supremacist party to put an end to race-based politics.

This cavalier DAP turnaround comes after the Lims earlier asking fervid Chinese supporters to throw their lot with Dr M’s arch enemy Anwar Ibrahim − also upon the same hollow promise of ending race politics.

DAP Chinese followers will buy any empty promises by Lim Senior or Junior, it seems. Sad.



How is it possible that Chinese voters can be hoodwinked again and again by such a dynastic, totalitarian, evangelical party?

How is it possible that Islamophobic Chinese will readily curse any Muslim preacher labelled as ‘Taliban’ by the DAP, yet at the same time willingly close one eye to proven religious extremists that are, somehow, inexplicably exonerated by the DAP?

  MCA Penang leaders question Guan Eng’s tangential association with a Penang preacher that is undoubtedly ‘Taliban’ (if we go by DAP criteria)

Sharul “preaching divide between Muslims and non Muslims”

MCA pointed out today that Shahul Hamid is an “inflammatory” preacher who has publicly made “extremist remarks”.

MCA Penang further highlighted that Guan Eng’s special information officer Wan Ji Hussein is surprisingly “friendly” towards Shahul’s divisive remarks.

The toxicity of Shahrul’s preaching – especially in his capacity as head of a religious school – is poison to young minds, MCA Penang warns.

Since the DAP is always at the forefront of pointing fingers and screaming “Taliban”, then by rights, the two-faced evangelical party must surely be concerned about this Penang-based preacher.

Given the reasonable fears regarding Sharul’s influence on impressionable youngsters, MCA requires Guan Eng to chastise Shahul’s “racist and prejudiced sputter [which] can provoke hatred, disharmony and instability amongst the diverse communities”, MCA religious harmony bureau deputy chairman Ng Chok Sin said today.

  Guan Eng lends state financial support to Shahul’s madrassah

Ti Lian Ker, who is at the same time MCA religious harmony bureau deputy chairman, todayalso weighed in on Sharul’s sermons of “divisiveness and hatred”.

Pointing to Guan Eng’s predictable double dealing, Ti recalled how by dint of habit “DAP would and will pit the Chinese community against all Muslim or Malay-centric speeches by blaming it on Umno and blaming or pitting MCA against the Malays and Muslims”.

Nonetheless, when it came to hate speech in its own backyard, DAP is strangely capable of the most incredible contortions to excuse the culprit.

Ti added that “MCA does not accept DAP and Lim Guan Eng’s double talk or cowardice of hiding behind [Wan Ji and Penang exco Abdul Malik Kassim who are] non-DAP members or leaders”.

MCA views Shahul’s speech as “Talibanese” on top of “preaching a divide between Muslims vs non-Muslims on hairdressing, schooling, [festival] greetings, etc” and is aghast that Guan Eng’s Islamic advisors are alright with the preacher’s extreme stance.

“DAP and Lim Kit Siang had in the past decades been quick at highlighting the slightest provocation on race and religion and calling on MCA to take a confrontational stand,” Ti complained.

It is impossible for MCA to forget how big bully “DAP has always insisted that the MCA president must make his stand known on all sensitive issues”.

Hence in this particular instance, Ti is turning the tables and Guan Eng should remember that his Muslim state exco Malik as well as his Muslim government aide Wan Ji “are not speaking on behalf of DAP”.

“Stop the double talk through your two subordinates,” Ti challenged Guan Eng.

“Stop hiding like a coward.”




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