Michael to Guan Eng: You’re not Penang, so don’t use the state’s name to issue threats


Press statement by Penang MCA Youth Chairman Datuk Michael Lee

Lim Guan Eng is not Penang & should not use the name of Penang to threaten MCA

In his arrogance, Lim Guan Eng had earlier warned MCA against questioning his corruption scandal over the purchase of a bungalow, where he had threatened to summon all Penangites to oppose this.

Lim Guan Eng must understand that he is not Penang.  Unlike him, I am born in Penang and represent Penang more than him.

The act of questioning and to demand an explanation as to why Guan Eng is delaying his corruption trial is democractic and within the rights of Penang residents who are concerned that their Chief Minister has not been suspended and is still in charge of state land affairs despite being charged with two corruption charges – one of which is related to abuse of power in land affairs.

Guan Eng has mentioned in numerous ceramahs and even to the media that he is looking forward to clearing his name in court.

At the same time, Guan Eng continues to delay the court case using various delay tactics including challenging the (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) MACC Act as unconstitutional.

Penangites are looking forward to the actual court case where we can decide for ourselves if the DAP Secretary General is truly innocent.


We want to hear about the various alleged relationships – whether business or personal between Penang Official 1 (PO1), the PO1’s wife and the seller of the bungalow.

Guan Eng had also not denied that his wife was once in a joint-venture company providing property consultancy services together with the siblings of the bungalow seller called Excel Property Management and Consultancy Sdn Bhd

If this is not true, Guan Eng is welcome to sue me.

Lim Guan Eng keeps threatening defamation suits against those who seek the truth, this shows his behaviour is becoming increasingly tyrannical and domineering.

Such act of intimidating is akin to oppressing objections, even threatening MCA members who intend to question his scandal.

Is there a fear that if the truth exposed and their colours are shown then they will lose the people’s support?

I urge Lim Guan Eng to stop using delaying tactics and allegations of political conspiracy to deceive the public.

I challenge him to prove his innocence in court as soon as possible.

The fact is that it has been more than one year since he was charged and still, we have yet to see the actual case itself being judged in court.

Datuk Michael Lee Beng Seng

MCA National Youth Treasurer

MCA Penang State Youth Chief




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