MPSP Councillor has admitted to wilful negligence and criminal intimidation


By Raggie Jessy aka The Third Force

Early this morning, The Star quoted the MPSP councillor David Marshel as saying he was “too busy” to set the record straight regarding claims that Vasanthapiriya was murdered.

“I didn’t clarify the article because we were all busy over the issue then. Anyway, we have video recordings of the press conference so I am not worried about the (police) report.”

Marshel’s statement was in response to a criminal report I lodged at 6pm yesterday, Feb 3, 2018. Now, my message to Marshel (which I have given out to The Star via email) is as follows:

“You just admitted to an act of wilful negligence by admitting that you deliberately ignored the need to clarify the murder remark. You did this despite knowing the gravity of the situation and how a case of such import threatened to undermine investigations currently underway. By virtue of this reasoning, you deliberately harmed the reputation and security of the teacher in question by wilfully ignoring the need to serve her justice. Most of all, you implied conspiracy on the part of PDRM and the Education Department to “cover things up” despite knowing that the teacher was not in any way guilty of murdering anybody.”

Tell me, is that not a form of criminal intimidation?

I hereby repeat my call for the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Malaysia, Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, to look into this matter personally in the best interest of all parties concerned to see to it that the truth prevails.

Raggie Jessy aka The Third Force

Source: Malaysia Outlook