Mukhriz sells big while Opcom shares suspiciously rigged

Another Brick in the Wall

The last para on the posting, “Did PH government issued fake news on NFCP to rig Opcom shares?“, reads:

By the time required disclosure is made to Bursa Malaysia, the seller will be known and one can confirm if there was any rigging.

Gathered from Bursa Malaysia filings, Dato Mukhriz sold shares in Opcom on three seperate occasions.

All done at and near the peak after shares spiked up upon the announcement on National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan spending for RM21.6 billion.

The Minister of Finance and the mainstream media together with Malaysia had suspiciously collaborated to create the false impression that the government is spending such amount.

The Securities Commision should investigate and remain equally unbiased as they did on Mukhriz’s close fried, Dato Norhamzah of Kosmo Technology Berhad.

More so should the share price not drop back.

It is a test on blogger SatDee, or Ahmad Faris Rabidin.

He is on the Board of SC, and should prove he is true to his writings on the matter of integrity, corporate governance, and transparency.

He is in the inner and social circle of Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin. And, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of Petronas.

Can he prove himself to be able to carry out his responsibility without fear or favour?

And to prove his vociferous outburst is not due to anger for being denied an overly priced and unnecessary consulting work?