MyPPP’s departure is good riddance!

TTF: Adios, MyPPP. You held UMNO at ransom prior to GE14 and were never a team player. You made far too many ridiculous demands and refused to abide by Najib’s decision on seat allocations. Your departure is good riddance!

KUALA LUMPUR: MyPPP formally announced its decision to leave Barisan Nasional (BN) with immediate effect to move as an independent party supporting the current government.

Its president, Tan Sri M. Kayveas said, the decision was made after the Registrar of Societies, on Friday, issued a letter confirming that he is still the MyPPP president.

This, he said, ends all speculation and attempts to take over the party presidency by several top-ranking leaders, which led to his sacking last month.

“The trouble began on April 17 when I was supposed to announce MyPPP’s exit from BN, but was prevented from doing so, thus there was an attempt to take over power.

“We haven’t deviated from the decision made on April 17. In fact, the BN website had also erased my name as the MyPPP president, which contravened RoS regulations.

“As such, MyPPP’s relationship with BN has ended. The seven leaders involved in trying to take over power have since been stripped of their membership immediately,” he told a press conference at Wisma MyPPP on Saturday.

Source: NST Online