Najib didn’t gloat like Guan Eng when car prices fell in 2015

PPO: Lim Guan Eng is damn proud to boast that the prices of cars produced by five car makers fell following the implementation of SST while many others increased.

He was so proud that he issued a formal press statement to announce this.

But when GST came into effect in April 2015, almost all car models fell in price (see news item below).

Unlike Guan Eng, Najib kept his cool and did not issue a press statement to praise himself.

(29th April 2015): Here’s an update on the Nissan Leaf, currently the only electric vehicle (EV) on sale here in Malaysia. Its price has been altered quite drastically since it was first launched at KLIMS13 for RM168,800, and it’s now listed on Edaran Tan Chong Motor’s website with a RM180,566.18 price tag.

Apparently, the asking price was quietly revised to circa RM189k in February 2015, to account for the discontinuation of the hybrid and EV incentives announced in NAP 2014. Since then, the implementation of GST has seen the figure drop to what it is now.

Just recently, Renault Malaysia confirmed that it’s aiming to price its Zoe EV at just under RM140,000. That’s for a B-segment-sized hatchback, of course, which tallies with the C-segment Nissan Leaf’s new price.

To recap, the all-electric Leaf has the equivalent of 109 PS and 254 Nm of torque, and can get to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds. Top speed is “above 140 km/h,” and a maximum driving range of 195 km is quoted. A home charging unit and a three-year/100,000 km warranty are included in the asking price.

Source: Paul Tan