Najib, do unto others before they do unto you


Dear Najib,

Politics is a game of perception. Granted. But at some point, the game is as much about anticipation as it is about perception. In simpler terms, you need to know with an absolute degree of certainty who your enemies are and what they’re up to. Believe me, this requires a kind of intel even the most trusted of your advisors may never be able to provide.

And I’m not kidding.

Like me or hate me for saying this, but the only way you’re going to stay in power beyond the 14th general election (GE14) is if you develop a criminal mind. While the guys at Bukit Aman may be cut out to gather some data for you or snoop around here and there, there is only so much you can trust them to do. What you need is a safety net comprising those willing to bite the dust or jump down the ravine the minute you say jump.

The sooner you realise that, the faster you’ll discover what each and every one of your ‘loyalists’ are up to. It’s about time you stopped taking things for granted and started prying into their affairs. That requires a different kind of intel, the kind people like Dr Mahathir Mohamad have been relying on for decades. And believe me, dealing with the whistleblowers and intelligence agents who provide such intel is akin to selling your soul to the devil.

But that’s just what it is going to take to run this country. In this day and time, as much as you may aspire to be the next Gandhi, you’re going to have to pay off a notorious breed of sleuth-hounds to perform spy work without ever feeling guilty about it. And we’re talking the kind of detective work even Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t dream of performing. Rest assured, there’s nothing like the smell of money to get these hounds out from the shadows and into your office.

Only when you realise this will you truly be in the game of anticipation. All you currently have is a pool filled with four very hungry sharks, one of which happens to be a minister who has been sabotaging the economy for over a year. You need to know that these sharks have been plotting against you for a very, very long time. The only way to overcome their betrayal is to have the ‘dirty files’ on each and every one of them on your desk.

Yes, keep a tab on their dogs if you must, tap the phones of their mothers if necessary. But you need to strap your leash firmly around their egos to make damned sure you’re ten steps ahead at all times. And the only way you’re going to accomplish this is if you emulate the golden rules JR Ewing plays by (see video below) whenever he talks business with his associates.

And I’m being quite frank about it.



Raggie Jessy