Najib is becoming popular, and that’s frightening Dr M. So they’re ‘bringing back’ Altantuya

“Sirul was arrested in 2006 after having served as bodyguard under both Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi. So who do you think knew Sirul better? 

“Mahathir or Najib?

“Did you know that it was Mokhzani who suggested that the Government of Malaysia purchase a submarine, and did you know that the Scorpene deal was concluded in 2002?”

Raggie Jessy

Here's why Altantuya's murder had nothing to do with Najib

The Mahathir administration is desperate to destroy Najib and has undertaken to undermine Shafee Abdullah's credibility by linking him one way or the other to the Altantuya murder

Posted by Towards GE15 on Saturday, September 15, 2018