News portal author who politicised Arul’s interview was ‘cowardly’ not to meet him

A recent article published by a news portal claimed that Arul failed to explain the mystery behind the loss of the company’s RM42 billion funds.

However, Arul had gone to the portal’s office himself and was interviewed by four journalists.

Arul answered the journalists based on facts.

However, the author of the said article was not even present during the said interview.

SEREMBAN: 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) chief executive officer Arul Kanda Kandasamy expressed his disappointment over continued politicisation of the company by the opposition and some interested parties.

He said despite numerous attempts made to correct misconception towards the strategic investment company, certain parties continued to aggravate the situation by raising doubts among the public.

An example was a recent article published by a news portal that claimed that he had failed to explain the mystery behind the loss of the company’s RM42 billion funds.

He said the article had cynically stated he was a “god-sent” to the opposition because an interview session at the news portal’s office two weeks ago had failed to prove that all there was no issue at 1MDB.


“I went to the office myself and four journalists interviewed me, asking questions about the 1MDB issue and I answered all of them based on facts.

“I was there for three hours but the author of the article was not even in the session. After that, he released an article that was clearly aimed at me,” he said at a talk at Gedong Lalang Hall here last night.

Arul said, he was unhappy with the author and described the action as “cowardly” for not meeting him face-to-face and getting his feedback before publishing the article.

He said, he stood by his earlier statement that 1MDB is a business problem that has been politicised by the opposition and insisted that all problems related to the company have been resolved through a rationalisation plan.

Last night’s talk was part of his ongoing public engagement to explain and clarify issues surrounding the company.

It was reported that over the past six weeks, he has appeared before nearly 30,000 people from all walks of life, and traveled around the country to explain and dispel allegations on the company.

Meanwhile, at the talk, Arul has once again stressed that businessman Low Taek Jho or Jho Low had nothing to do and never worked with the company, as played up by the opposition.

He said Jho Low was known to have a good relationship with the Arabs.

“That was his advantage. He knows people there. Jho Low has never been a 1MDB employee and the company never paid a single penny to him. ” he said.

Source: NST Online



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