Newt Gingrich: they’re going after Trump

“This is going to be a witch hunt”

The man they call Comey’s “brother in arms” is now out on his feet building his investigative team, sparking concern in Newt Gingrich that “they’re setting up to go after Trump.”

“This is going to be a witch hunt,” the former House Speaker said.

Gingrich was referring to special counsel Robert Mueller, whose more than warm ties with fired FBI director James Comey warranted a complete shutdown of the attorney’s probe into the Russia collusion theory.

On the 17th last month, Mueller was appointed by the US Department of Justice Department as special counsel overseeing the investigation into claims of Russian interference during the 2016 United States elections and related matters.

However, his case against the Trump administration collapsed on itself the minute Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee last Thursday that he leaked top secret information to the New York Times while still the bureau’s head.

The fact is, the information Comey leaked pertained privileged conversations he had with Trump, which TTF was told today was the basis to may of Mueller’s arguments against the Trump faction.

Comey’s testimony made plausible the idea that members of the Obama administration were complicit in derailing Trump’s reform agendas, particularly those relating to ObamaCare, now on the verge of a collapse.

With a clear path emerging for Senate Republicans to pass a repeal bill, Democratic factions allied to Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are making sure the Russian probe will continue to play out in public spheres and cast the Trump administration into the shadows.


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