No evidence to show Mahathir’s bank accounts were ever frozen

Jae Senn

Mahathir left UMNO at the end of February 2016, so that would mean that the Najib Administration would have frozen his account at some point in the past 2 years, if his allegations were true.

In March 2016, right after he left UMNO, Mahathir, together with Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Anina Saadudin made a filing with the High Court against Najib for tort of misfeasance in public office.

In April 2016, the same group made another submission to the High Court to freeze Najib’s bank accounts, assets and shares.

These were struck out by the High Court in April 2017, and they took it to the Court of Appeal, which also overturned their suits.

During this time, none of their bank accounts were frozen.

In August 2017, the Inland Revenue Board started their investigations into three companies linked to Mahathir’s sons – Kencana Capital Sdn Bhd that is helmed by Mokhzani Mahathir; Opcom Holdings Berhad that is helmed by Mukhriz Mahathir; and Crescent Capital Sdn Bhd that is helmed by Mirzan Mahathir.

The IRB seized documents from these offices and stated that it was a routine investigation, but Marina Mahathir took to the media and lamented that it was intimidation by the Najib administration.

During this time, none of their bank accounts and assets were frozen.


In November 2017, the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Bank Negara’s 1990s Foreign Exchange Trading Losses concluded that there was deliberate concealment of the losses, which were intentionally omitted from Bank Negara’s annual reports from 1992-1994.

The RCI further recommended that police investigations to be opened for Criminal Breach of Trust or cheating by the parties involved, including Mahathir, Anwar and BNM officials.

Still, Mahathir’s accounts and assets were not frozen by the Najib administration during this time.

So, Tun. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, when exactly were your accounts frozen in the past? Specifically, in the past 2.5 years after you’ve cut ties with UMNO?

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