‘No vote, no pay’ diabolic in Cameron Highlands

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IS it true that a PH senator used diabolic method in wooing Cameron Highlands voters? If its true and no action taken against him, then we can sum up that such a wicked act is ‘approved’ by the government. And if its not, the case is considered close.

But reports have been lodged against him. I think it contains tangible evidence of hooligan-style politics being applied. Many have seen the video and its up to them to weigh it.

For me, such a manner is despicable and shouldn’t had happened in Malaysia. BN had never resorted to it. But why must it happen now? Is it the only way to safeguard the new government will stay on and on

If I am a Cameron voter, of course I will opt for Pakatan Rakyat since the ‘no vote, no pay’ statement (or politics of threatening) undermines the seriousness of the government to garner more seats in the Parliament.

Cameron Highlands is also in Pahang. Winning the seat will boost the pride of Putrajaya.

Other tactics are being used. Cameron is said to be squalor under Barisan Nasional, that the problem of Orang Asli native land, the saturated development of the constituency and the uncontrolled foreign workers on the highland farms, are said to be sidelined during BN days.

Well, BN is no hooligan. They just let ‘tauke’ from the other parties to dominate the business plus its workers, most of them foreigners without permits. Under BN, they didn’t see much of the immigration movement because of the goodwill shown by BN.

Oooppps… back to the issue.

Of course the said Tok Batin would have told their people to vote for Pakatan because money is in their hands, and that nothing much BN can do now, unlike before. Forget about their existing issues, what’s important is to receive continuous ‘dedak’ from Putrajaya, which claims they don’t have much money.

Afraid of the forebode, they probably have set their mind to vote for PH candidate. The by-election is just a formality, and the Election Commission can never be free of politics and Putrajaya dictation. Know what I mean?

Actually, such a tactic by the said senator cannot be accepted. Why? There’s no point for other parties to contest when Putrajaya is already grabbing Cameron Highlands seat in this dirty way! May as well they declare victory on nomination day!

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