NST’s 10 quickies with UMNO youth chief Khairy Jamaludin

Tasnim Lokman

MALAYSIA’S tall, dark and handsome – Barisan Nasional Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin – joins NST’s 10 Quickies today!

Affectionally known as KJ, or for some “Abah” and “Daddy”, the very fit two-term Rembau Member of Parliament took time out to check out the New Straits Times Press headquarters’ gymnasium, during his visit to Balai Berita, here recently.

He shared his tips for a lean and healthy body.

Khairy, a Brigadier General with the Territorial Army Regiment, also shared his fond memories of the years he was studying in the United Kingdom.

The youngest member of the Cabinet and the only one without the title “Datuk”, YB KJ debunked claims that the Youth Manifesto “Jaminan Orang Muda” which he presented recently, were “blatant handouts”.

The passion’s clear when he spoke about the development that his constituency- Rembau had been enjoying in the past few years.

While Khairy may be a Polo gold medalist (SEA Games 2017), he is not at all shabby in traditional games.

Source: NST Online