One hijrah year: Mahathir subtly acknowledges he is wrong

Another Brick in the Wall

Today is the fourth day of Ramadhan. On Sunday, after Terawih prayer, it was exactly a hijrah year and one day that Dato Najib’s home was raided upon his return from the 1MDB-funded Kg Baru Mosque.

This is not to commemmorate the momentous occasion. As of May 9th today, it is 11 days to May 16th midnight and, stretching to May 17th, exactly one Gregorian year since the raid. Till today, there have been no charges with regards to the seized goods.

The AMLA law allows for the seized goods to be held for six months and any extension will require a court order. Upon reaching a year without any charge, there is no more legal avenue for the police to hold back the properties and money seized.

In a March 18th posting, this blog raised the issue tha some goods were possibly missing and that the seizure done at the condominiums was in the absence of its owners and without the owners’ signatures to acknowledge the goods seized.

It was done in contravention of the Criminal Procedure Code. The police stand to be liable to any dispute on the goods seized. Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak raised questions about UMNO’s money which the police declared was short.

SRC snag

Despite there being no charges made with regards to the goods and money seized, the government charged Dato Najib with 5 sets of charges.

On the first case of SRC, the government seemed to face a snag since the testimony of government witnesses from the Banks did not came out as expected.


It was supposed to be a plain sailing for the prosecution to lay out and confirm the background of the case, prove that there was a prima facie case against Dato Najib, let the defence present its case and a grand finale with Gopal Sri Ram’s “That’s my boy!” before sending the former PM to jail.

However, the cross examination by defence lawyers wiped the smile off the faces of Tommy Thomas and Uma Devi. They were smiling and main mata at each other in broad daylight as the court went into session.


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