Open letter to Anwar: Make your move, quit the talk

Dear Anwar Ibrahim,

It seems that you have responded to a request I made to your good self to amass a minimum of 120 signatures from branch leaders, as reported by the Malay Mail Online, as proof you command majority support in PKR.

While I have yet to see the signatures, I congratulate you and see no reason for you not to seek Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali’s voluntary resignation as party deputy president or his sacking from the party for disciplinary reasons.

This is in line with a statement by your own men who alleged that the party constitution provides for the automatic ‘resignation’ of a central leadership member should that member be absent from leadership meetings three times in a row without leave or reasons deemed admissible by the party’s bureau.

I have repeatedly stated that a directive was given to quite a large number of branch leaders to sign any pledge put in front of them so as to prevent you from gauging your true strength.

If indeed you have the numbers, there is nothing stopping you from sacking Azmin or getting the RoS to confirm his resignation.

On the 31stof July 2019, your man instructed a PKR team led by Ipoh Barat member P. Jenapala to seek recourse to the RoS regarding Azmin’s status.

That team, however, claimed it was turned away by the Kuala Lumpur branch because the recourse it sought was of a nature handled only by the registrar’s head office in Putrajaya.

It’s been four days since the matter was reported by media. We have yet to hear of this group or a follow up action taken by Jenapala or his men.


I therefore call for the publication of all the signatures you claim to have amassed and an immediate announcement by your good self on PKR’s official position with regards to Azmin.

If indeed you have numbers, it is inevitable that you make that crystal clear and announce Azmin’s resignation or sacking from the party.

If, however, you aren’t able to muster the courage to do so, you should refrain from making further statements and quit getting Otai Reformasi and your minions to conduct meaningless press conferences.

Failure on your part to abide by these requests amounts to failure in proving that you are in control of PKR.

I am doing what I am doing because your status in PKR has become everybody’s business since it is you who keeps harping on numbers in public, both directly and indirectly.

I would advise you not to give the excuse that “we need to close ranks for the sake of the party” in a bid to skate over this request.

That excuse is no longer admissible or even permissible as things are so bad in PKR that its leadership does not seem to be able to arrive at any decision or conclusion as a collective or even as a party.

I also invite you to obtain fresh Statutory Declarations from the so-called 120 signatories and a minimum of 30 SDs from PKR MPs to prove the party is ‘secure’ and truly ‘yours’.

Do not try to fake any more SDs, as the people your men tasked to fake the previous ones are willing to talk, including a number of MPs who got conned.

If you are able to fulfil these terms, I promise to call for a press conference to reveal precisely what’s going on and the blackmail that took place behind the scenes involving you and your men.

I reiterate, that there are people willing to talk should you make an unimaginable move or should we feel the time is right.

Without prejudice,

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

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