Opposition painting a false sense of calamity

Lim Sian See

The opposition continues to mislead Malaysians with the term that our External Debt is now RM900 billion – and hence we are going bankrupt.

When they do this, please challenge them with these three questions:

1) That RM900 billion, is it GROSS External Debt or NET External Debt?
(It is actually GROSS)

If he cannot answer then tell him it is Gross and ask him to F**k Off since he does not even know what he is taking about.

2) If he answers correctly to say it is GROSS External Debt then ask him what is our GROSS External Assets.

(Our GROSS External Assets if actually more than our gross external debt – therefore Malaysia is one of the very few NET CREDITOR Nation – meaning that Malaysians owns more foreign assets than foreigners own in Malaysia.

Then ask him if he knows what is the meaning of “Net International Investment” (NIIP). If he does not know this then ask him to f**k off and say we are a Net Creditor Country as we have a positive NIIP.

3) If that person is not satisfied, ask him what then is the GROSS External debt of Singapore and Hong Kong. (It is about RM5.8 TRILLION for both).


Then ask him, since HK and Singapore’ external debt is more than 6 times bigger than us, does it mean they are going bankrupt 6 times faster?

But if he says HK and Singapore’s economy is bigger than us – just tell them – no. In PPP terms, our economy is much bigger than both. Even in USD terms, the three countries economies are similar in size.

Then just ask him to f**k off and comment “Oh, your name must be Choong Yian. Pity, pity.”

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