Over two thousand Malaysian affiliates worldwide generated RM300.2 billion in 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has 2,125 affiliates operating in 84 countries in 2015, the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoS) said.

According to a DoS publication, these affiliates generated a cumulative turnover of RM300.2 billion in 2015, out of which 55.5 per cent were from those operating in Indonesia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Africa and China.

In a statement today, the DoS said the publication provided statistics and information on the number of affiliates, their turnover, number of employees, compensation paid to employees as well as assets classified according to economic activities and countries.

The figures were compiled biennially, the department said.

It said services-based enterprises were the dominant sector, contributing 74.2 per cent of the turnover, followed by manufacturing (14.1 per cent) and agriculture (4.8 per cent) sectors.

Malaysia’s outward affiliates employed some 372,570 people, of whom 143,544 were engaged in the services sector, while 114,951 people were involved in the agricultural sector, the DoS said.

Affiliates in Indonesia employed the highest number of employees at 140,913 people, 67.4 per cent of whom were involved in the agricultural sector, it added.

Source: Bernama